Which Living Single Lady Are You?

We can not get enough of the ’90s here at The Queen Sessions. We live for the outfits, music, and of course, the television. That’s why when it comes to 90 classic sitcoms, we have to give ‘Living Single‘ a top spot. The comedy was always fun, and the storylines always kept us falling for the ladies of the cast. We saw the different types of women portrayed the anti-love Maxine to the free-spirited Synclaire. There was a woman for you to relate to, and we want to help you find her. So which ‘Living Single’ lady are you?

Regine Hunter

If you relate to the fashionista & fabulous Regine, then you are probably the most stylish friend of the group. You enjoy expensive things, and you aim to have achieved great things for your life (such as marrying rich). Regine kept the ladies laughing with her various wig options and her failed dates, but she always got back up and was fabulous through it all.

Kadijah James

If you relate to Khadijah, then you are focused on building your own and always find a way to smile. Khadijah is the calm, cool, and relaxed friend to who you can always go-to for a quick vent or advice on a life problem. She may not have it all together, but she works on getting it there with her mind on her business and always supporting her ladies.

Synclaire James

If you are goofy, free-spirited, and always a little outside of the norm, then you found your soul sis in Synclaire. This lady is always discovering herself becoming a wife to making her way to the screen. She started as her cousin’s assistant, and her story like her is ever-evolving. You can always count on her to make the jokes, and the ditzier moments seem innocent for the group.

Maxine Shaw

If you are the go-getter and the truth serum of the group, you might relate to Max. The bulldog lawyer who always makes sure she wins a case and a sandwich is the friend who lets her emotions take a back seat. She has moments where she may fall in love but never loses who she is when entertaining her next romance. She stands strong in her values and is always enjoying the company of her ladies.

Well, no matter who you are, just like these ladies you all are in sync when you are together and the good times never stop. You can stream episodes of this 90’s classic now on Hulu. Keep living your best life ladies.

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