What We Can Learn From Lori Harvey When It Comes to Dating

Lori Harvey has been a hot name for some time and, while her beauty is admirable, it’s been her dating life that has been a discussion. You may ask who is she and how did she become so relevant in today’s modern pop culture. Lori Harvey is the (step)daughter of famed comedian and actor, Steve Harvey. Managing to stay out of the limelight for some time but she started to get noticed when she was spotted with Diddy. Yes, the 22-year old influencer was dating the mogul Diddy (49 years old.)

That’s not the only famous name she has paired with but, we can assure you that’s just the life when you are apart of Hollywood. But, it’s not dating the celebrities or being gorgeous is what we can learn from Lori Harvey.

It’s the unapologetic way she carries herself when she is actively just doing what is encouraged in our twenties. Dating until you find a suitor worth investing in. Let me repeat this, it is okay to openly & actively date until you feel that connection with someone. The difference between our stories and Lori is that she dates high-profile celebrities which made her private life very public. Which creates a target on her back for slut-shaming and the gold-digging narrative. But, if you take a look at Lori’s dating life, you notice she has tried to be discreet as possible about all of the suitors. Even when the Atlanta rapper Future took her and a few friends to Jamaica for her 23rd birthday. This is another note to take away from this.

It wasn’t until Michael B. Jordan came in the picture and like the superman he is, swoop her up and placed her on this throne. With posts not promoting her beauty or body, but her softer side. Displaying affection and vulnerability with the now 24-year old. Which brought us back to reality, that it takes the right man to truly capture us and for us to feel safe sharing our love with. That’s what you can learn from Lori, to embrace the dating journey and keep your love life you own until you are ready to share.

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