TI & Tiny’s Victims Are Speaking Up About the Abuse

News broke in January that the rapper & VH1 reality star TI and his wife Tiny have been abusing women for their sexual exploits. This news first broke when influencer Sabrina Peterson spoke up about the abuse that had occurred to her involving TI holding a gun to her head. Her public statement about the couple may have been the opening door needed for the four other alleged victims to come forward. The allegations involving the couple extend back to 16 years.

One thing to consider in all of this is that all of the stories thus far pertain to the victims being drugged in a hotel while hanging with the couple and then being taken advantage of sexually. Some even claiming false imprisonment when trying to escape. New York-based lawyer Tyrone A. Blackburn has been assisting the victims with this investigation and aiming to keep their identities protected.
While the investigation is continuing, we will keep you updated on the results of this investigation and updates of the victims.

If you know someone who is in an abusive relationship or has been sexually abused, contact Rainn.org or more assistance and help.

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