Here Are Five Takeaways We Have From Meghan & Harry’s Exit From the Royals

It’s no secret that this interview was something we were waiting for since the day the news broke that the fan-favorite couple was making their escape from royalty. Well, 17 million viewers sat watching as Oprah gave us an interview that will not only cause some fires in the palace but maybe confirm some rumors about the torment the late Princess Diana was also going through.

On March 7, 2021, Oprah gave cable a show and here is what we took away from this surprising/not so surprising interview.

They Discussed Whether Baby Archie Would be Royalty Based on His Skin Tone

While Meghan was still pregnant and battling her depression, there was a conversation about the unborn son what skin tone will he appear to be. Now, if it’s not already stressful enough within the Black community that we deal with colorists, we see that the monarchy did not exclude these colorist ideals from their conversations. Now, we see baby Archie favors his father’s skin tone & hair color, but we wonder what would have happened if he was the more olive tone.

Meghan Was Practically Hushed About Receiving Help for Her Depleting Mental Health

Meghan opened up about not wanting her husband to leave her side due to the fear about what she might do to herself. While that all seems vague, but we know she needed protection. She was quoted saying, “I’ve advocated for so long for women to use their voice, and then I was silent.” It was said within the interview after seeking guidance during her mental battles, she was actively told no in regards to receiving help and leaving her home.

Harry Said His Relationship With His Father Was Non-Existent After the Announcement

While rumors are going around on whether if Prince Charles approved of Meghan, we know that he is no longer taking his son’s calls. After taking two calls from his son upon the discussion, he asked Harry to write the details of their exit in specifics. “He asked me to put it in writing, and I put all the specifics in there, even the fact that we were planning on putting the announcement out on the 7th of January,” Harry said in the interview.

There was Conversations About How They Saw Race Playing into Their Coverage

There is no secret that UK tabloids have been using Meghan’s race as a bullying tactic to sell headlines and tarnish this woman. exposing racism at its finest. When comparing the headlines from Kate Middleton to the ex-duchess Meghan, we see a big difference. Meghan is even quoted within the interview that rude and racism are not the same thing.

They Had Support From Tyler Perry Until They Were Able to Get on Their Feet

Yes, just like his fan-favorite character Madea, Tyler Perry took these two in. Imagine you are only using the money from your wife’s acting career and what your mom left you as survival. All of this is disgusting to know the royal family was okay with allowing Harry, his wife, and his infant child to leave without even offering a bit of aid. But, that’s what we can expect from a monarchy that doesn’t even try to grant you protection.

Overall, we like many others are rooting for Meghan to find peace with her new family and their choices. It takes courage to stand up for yourself even if goes against the queen. We also value Harry because the care he has given to his wife is what we admire the most.

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