Insecure Season 5 is Coming and Here Are the Season Predictions

Issa Rae is leaving her HBO home, and we are shocked. We are almost anxious and sad to say goodbye to the hit show ‘Insecure’ this year. While we were left with the cliffhanger of Lawrence, Issa, Condola, and Jr, fans speculated about what could happen for season 5. Will there be a co-parenting squabble? Will Issa be step-mother of the year? What will we see?

Take a look at how some fans are predicting the season will go…

Lawrence and Issa are Making It Work

Nathan is on the Come Up and Condola is Coming on Down

Issa and Nathan but in a Platonic Relationship

And This One Was Just WILD

Either way we are excited to see what may foretell in this season and trust us, we can not wait to see Issa and the team shine on the next project. Let us know below…

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