Easy Ways to Still Be Connected to Long Distance Family This Holiday

Being a New York transplant is mentally hard, especially during the holidays. Today I am incredibly emotional because I see more and more Christmas lights around families and me coming together. Well, if you are like me and live far from your family, it can be a real risk to see them. After my brother was tested positive for COVID-19, it was the wake-up call we needed to say; our health needs to come first. I know we aren’t alone in this journey, so I wanted to share some helpful tips to make sure you are connected to your loved ones, even in a far setting.

Holiday Watch Party

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Watch the Polar Express or This Christmas with your loved ones in your jammies. Hulu has introduced the option for you to be able to create watch parties from their streaming service. Now, you won’t miss the holiday feature and still can laugh or comment on that one part without feeling like you’re missing someone. Sign up for Hulu today for their $5.99/month entry-level package with ads as well.

Plan a Cooking & Wine Party

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This event can be for your favorite cousins who just moved into their new apartment or for the newbies trying out nana’s sweet potato pie without her in the kitchen. Cook together using Facetime, Facebook Messenger, and or Zoom. Laugh about how bad you are in the kitchen and enjoy a glass of pinot while doing so. The moments in the kitchen are what we miss, but we can find new ways around them.

Send Holiday Dinner to Each Other

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Nothing cheers up everyone’s spirits, like sending over their favorite meal or drink from Starbucks (I love this). Try using a food service and surprise them with something from their favorite restaurant. Here’s how to achieve this, call them and start a conversation and ask if they have already eaten for the day. Ask them about their fave restaurant and try not to make it suspicious. Then bam, order it and have it on the way. The thought that counts and love helps make their day a bit easier.

The holidays can be challenging, and while we are trying our best to get through them, we have to be mindful that everyone’s health may not be the best. You have to remember that you can be the light your family needs right now. Don’t worry if everyone isn’t as receptive; pitch the ideas, and let them come from love.

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