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Gifts Every Curly Girl Would Love for the Holidays

It’s that time of year where we get a chance to enjoy Mariah’s vocals and hot cocoa all at once. But the holidays right now feel a little tough and we can be stuck in our feelings of being alone. That’s why giving the right gifts to show you care can mean so much in a time like this. If you ever found it difficult to get your friend with the curls a gift, don’t worry, we promise you these products will make her smile.

Rizos Curls Gift Set

Rizos Curls is a fan-favorite of The Queen Sessions and for curly girls. The brand is founded by boss Latina, Julissa Prado. It has great elements such as argan oil, shea butter, and coconut oil. This gift set from their brand includes a full wash set and defining cream that she would love. The set is on sale right now for $57 and can be found on their site, Target, and Amazon.

Pattern Beauty Hair Tools Kit

Pattern Beauty was founded by hot auntie, Tracee Ellis Ross. It’s a curl collection that has a varieties of curly girl products for different textures. Which means it can be fun to experiment and learn your curl pattern. But, as a friend, it can be hard to find the right curl care for your sis, so get her these tools to help her feel good. Your wide tooth comb, pick, and shower brush can be a great combo for her. To purchase this kit, you can find it on the Pattern Beauty site.

Curly Hair Temporary Dye

Temporary dye can be hard for curly girls. The color doesn’t show all the way and it can dry out our hair. That’s why when I found this temporary dye, I knew I needed to purchase it! It was easy to apply but can get a little messy so grab the gloves! This would be a fun gift for your curly girl who loves experimenting with her hair! Check out their color options and shop now from Curl Smith.

The Wonder Brush from Curltastic

Curltastiic is making news with their curly care products and the wonder brush is one of them. Now, there are many dupes on the internet but, you have to invest in this one. From the flexible bristles getting your every knot to the smooth feeling it gives you, I love this brush. My wash days, showers, and detangling sessions have felt amazing. If you know she needs a good brush to make her night/morning routine easier, grab her this from their site!

Curly care can be hard but grabbing these new products by curly girl creators can help the journey. Show the love and give her a gift that you know she could use. We hope she enjoys it and enjoys these new companies.

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