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How Surviving Sex Trafficking Helped Her Rescue Young Women

As the world comes together to discuss challenging topics like social injustice, racial bias & femicide, we sit with the Executive Director of Beyond Freedom, Jennelle Gordon, to converse about sex trafficking, spirituality, and female sexuality. Beyond Freedom is a nonprofit organization assisting in the rehabilitation of sex trafficking victims, Gordan was once herself living in the cycle of being sold as a product.

The reality is human trafficking is a billion-dollar industry, according to a 2014 report made by the International Labor Organization. While we hear the harsh realities of the industry, like being controlled by another human, forced to provide sexual favors and in some cases being drugged without knowledge, Gordon, along with her organization Beyond Fre edom, provide resources and mentorship to survivors. 

After faking her death Gordan found herself studying Tantra in Thailand, trying to shake the shame connected to the acts of sex trafficking. Gordan explains to us how Tantra is a “holistic system of personal development, designed to help harness your sexual energy into spiritual aspirations.”

Gordan’s journey led her to open a safe space for survivors to thrive, but not before she was able to remove herself from the sex trafficking experience altogether. We speak to her from that moment. 

The Queen Sessions: You faked your death to escape your abuser; talk to us about what that healing process looks like?

Jennelle Gordon: I lived on an island in Thailand for a year doing deep tantric healing and work. I committed to finding myself and getting back into my body. I did both. I am not afraid; I am fearless. I was enslaved to fear for over a decade. Speaking about it gives me more courage, and I get addicted to serving other women with my vulnerability because I know it cultivates more vulnerability.

The Queen Sessions: Walk us through “The O Factor” and “Beyond Freedom” – your organization that helps victims of sex trafficking. Do they go hand and hand? Are they completely separate?

Jennelle Gordon: They are separate, but they unite. Beyond Freedom is my nonprofit that rehabilitates victims of human trafficking by holistic means. The O Factor is a culmination of my training to create the most modern tantric approach to intimacy and relationship coaching. In the O Factor, I work with women through dance movement therapy, healthy, empowered sexuality, and connected spirituality. Join her private facebook here.

The Queen Sessions: What do you hope is the result of your 7 step process-“The O Factor.”

Jennelle Gordon: Helping women shake the shame around their sexuality and reconnect to it in a healthy, empowered way and using that energy to manifest the life of their dreams.

As a health counselor, author, businesswoman, and a survivor of sex trafficking, Gordon advocates for survivors like herself when participating in speaking engagements. As of now, she is preparing to speak at a Ted Talk conference, but here we get to ask specifics on her journey in sex trafficking.

TQS: What does sex trafficking do to the mental and spiritual existence?

Jennelle Gordon: Crushes it and causes you to feel you like you’re a thing, a product, just a body to be used for men’s profit. Disconnects you from your divine power.

TQS: How does someone work through a mindset shifting after a traumatic experience, as with sex trafficking?

Jennelle Gordon: Consistent action every day. It’s a mind f*ck trying to undo the damage, but the only way out is through.

TQS: What kind of resources does Beyond Freedom provide, and how can someone get access or locate you?

Jennelle Gordon: Holistic healing vía coaches various PTS methodologies, education, business mentoring, and health and wellness resources. We practically address going from “product to person” in 7 Fs Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, Femininity, Fun, and Freedom.

TQS: How can someone who is forced into sex trafficking stay sexually safe, find healing, and take care of their female hygiene on minimal funds, resources, etc.?

Jennelle Gordon: This is so challenging to answer first. They would need to be exposed to my work or something like it. The yoni eggs are an excellent resource to heal sexual blockages and trauma and strengthen vagina walls, prevent intense PMS, prolapsed uterus, and vaginal dryness. Available on my site here

TQS: Tell our readers ways they can support someone they may know that is being sex trafficked?

Jennelle Gordon: Refer them to organizations like mine as I work with security to ensure their safety first and next to their rehabilitation process. There are also options for those wanting to donate to the organization that will support the cause.

TQS: You are so brave and strong in sharing your story; what do you believe helped the most with getting to where you are today?

Jennelle Gordon: Mindset shift. After I met Tony Robbins and walked on fire, everything seemed possible, and I began to own my worth. Then I began to find the stability I desperately craved.

Jennelle Gordon runs the nonprofit Beyond Freedom that helps find an end to sex trafficking while providing aid and resources to help victims not only escape the reality of sex trafficking. Rebuilding their lives by showing them how to reintegrate into society, heal their trauma through a holistic approach, and shake the shame connected to their sexuality and past experiences.

If you are a victim or know of a victim and are hoping to connect with Beyond Freedom, here are three things to expect:

1. Mentoring/Coaching to find confidence, which will, in turn, help you realize your potential as a human being

2. Holistic approach to mental and emotional growth

3. Empowerment through education and job training

If you would like to help, you can:



-Pitch an idea (how to help victims)

-Spreads the word about organizations like Beyond Freedom by sharing this post

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