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The Black Owned Nursery You Need to Know About

Plant owners everywhere are adding on new plants and the market is booming. With plants now pricing to the $50 mark and mega corporations cashing in on this trend, we tend to forget the smaller nurseries who are making their way in the plant game. Which is why we have to highlight the growth of the “Black plant lovers” community on social media that is highlighting these small business owners. Business owners such as Hillary Coleman, owner of 1991 Greenery, are being celebrated within their community and introducing others to the joy of plants. We had the chance to speak to Hillary on her nursery and how it feels to be impacting her community.

The Queen Sessions: Where did your love of gardening come from and how did you know you wanted to open a nursery?

Hillary Coleman: My Love of plants happened seven years ago when I was going through a hard time. I bought a few succulents and started a veggie garden to keep my mind focused on something positive. My succulents died, and my Garden thrived lol. Watching a plant transform into something beautiful because of you is mind-blowing to me. I feel a deep connection with that due to my always growing and transforming, from the work I put into myself.

The idea about starting 1991 Greenery happened about a year ago, I was working a crappy job as a Human Resource Coordinator, and I would brainstorm all day. That job hindered me from being able to create like I had wanted to. When COVID-19 shut the world down, and my job laid me off, I put my ideas into motion. Taking care of my plants were helping me through my anxiety and stressors. I want to share my love of plants and their therapeutic properties with others.

There are more Black-owned nurseries and community of planters popping up, and it creates a conversation, how do you feel to be apart of the community?

I absolutely LOVE the Black plant community! Honestly,I feel like we are back connecting with our roots. It’s just so beautiful and heartwarming to see and experience.

A variety of of her plants on the 1991 Greenery nursery

What community impact do you aim to have when teaching about the care and growth of plants?

 I aim to teach others the importance of starting a home garden and the benefits of owning houseplants. I want the first plant buyers to not be afraid to buy a plant. I want the person that is sitting at a job that they hate, to know that its ok to take that risk ,follow their dreams and capitalize off of their passion.

What are some common challenges with starting your own nursery?

Common challenges that I have faced, like any new business venture, is making sure you are up to date with current trends, the competition and how profitable your company is.If you are starting a new nursery or any business, I stress that you do the necessary research for your business to be successful.

How can more people do their part in protecting and learning about the perks of gardening?

  • Ask Me (I offer free plant consulting) 
  • Continuing doing research
  • Start your own garden, even if it’s in a pot with a tomato plant on your porch.
  • Trial and error is a HUGE method that has helped me learn and grow.
  • Join plant forums and pages on Facebook and Instagram
  • Listen to the employees at the nursery, they really know their stuff.
  • Ask your family Gardener or houseplant lover

To learn more about plants and shop this nursery’s variety, shop their Etsy store now. Don’t forget that your protest includes your dollars so continue to shop women of color owned brands & Black owned brands!

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