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I Started Meditating and Here’s How It Affected My Depression

Meditation is one of those trendy words that seems to be thrown around everywhere and used in almost every conversation involving mental health. I never took it seriously, and honestly, I just thought it was just something people did to feel included. I had my thoughts about it and my conflicted thoughts because I thought, is this a religion? Will it go against my faith and what I believed in? These questions were starting to race through my mind, and it created a barrier for me.

I knew my mental state was in the wrong place due to the many events in my life during the springtime. I tested for COVID and was, fortunately, negative, but had similar symptoms. I was going through a mentally draining and emotionally abusive break-up with a 5-year ex. I felt lost with my career and wondered why I moved to New York. I even found myself crying at 3 am and just not feeling happy at all. Like many of us during the quarantine, I was mentally put through the wringer and did not feel adequate with ourselves. I was pretty much at the end of my rope and masking what was going on with me.

One night, I was doing my sleepless scrolls on Instagram when I saw my friend Elle’s post on her free meditation classes within her private group on Facebook, and I don’t know what pushed me, but I gave in. I contacted her about teaching a course for a health and wellness week for the brand, and after taking that class, something shifted within me. I was not sure if it was the sound bowls or a moment of silence. Still, the tears were flowing. For once, I felt that clarity I had before this chaos; after asking Elle, the instructor, questions about religion and therapy, and how to practice on my own, I began my journey. I practiced meditating along for almost 15-minutes a day, which helped improve my thoughts and negative thinking. It allowed me to release what was creating negative thoughts within my head and find a way to give thanks to everything around me. states that different forms of meditation can help with your depression and thinking. Mindfulness meditation was one form of meditation that I started implementing into my life. Mindfulness mediation has been linked to helping to fight depression and negative thinking. What surprised me was when I felt my negative moments happening, I took that moment to find a calm moment and remember that my thoughts shouldn’t fester. Now, I am not saying I learned how to fight my depression on meditation alone, but it was a start. It helped me to remember how far I’ve come and how grateful I am to be alive.

It propelled me to find therapy and lunge myself into removing the toxic triggers in my life, such as exes, friends, situations and shed my toxic self. I still have plenty of work to do, but that’s the beauty of growing, and I am happy I leaped finding the woman I am aiming to be.

To find more tips on mediation or to schedule your virtual classes today, you can find Elle Murasaki on Instagram and on her website

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