6 Tips to Help Parents With Virtual Classes This School Year

The school year is here, and what once used to be parents rejoicing for their kids leaving is now a new world of virtual learning and adjusting to the new norm. While teachers and students get changed to the new classroom, it can be an adjustment for parents. That’s why we are providing some tips to help ease you into this school year and also relieve some stress that might be happening with you. Here are six tips to help you get ready with your kids for the new virtual year.

Establish a Workspace Setting

Changing up a specific area in your home could mentally establish a work setting for your kids. Taking their mind out of the comfort of their home and focused on the day ahead. This can be a well-lit area in your home that is spacious as well. You can have positive messages around and or bright colors to help wake their mind up.

Set a Morning/Afternoon Routine

Getting your kids into a routine can help create a consistent workflow and more of a focused mindset. Think about it; we all like to go in with some schedule planned for our day to help our stress. Your kids need this as well for their learning. The routine can include the usual hygiene routine and breakfast, with a morning stretch or walk to wake their minds up. Even playing music in the house can trigger a good mood before the day. During their lunch break, keep them still in school mode and take a moment away from the electronics.

Check in with Their Teacher/s

Please take a moment out of the week to connect with your child’s teacher and get to know their learning style. Teachers will be feeling a new pressure as well when it comes to educating their classes. This will be a great way to express some concerns, learn what the year’s curriculum is, and just let them know your child’s learning pace. Creating an open line of communication will also ease your concerns.

Learn About the Technology They’re Using

Technology is changing, and while it can hard for you to use, it could be difficult for your child to learn. Set an hour or two aside and know which programs they will be using this year for their classes and homework. Also, see if there is a way to track their work progress on these platforms.

Minimize Distractions

Take time to remove the outside distractions from your child’s school time. This can include television, phone use, and even human interactions. It is reminding them that this is their time to be focused on the teacher and the lesson. It can be hard at first, but try getting a safe for the phone and remote devices to be locked in until after the school day. Here is a great one with a timer from Amazon.

Set an Hour a Day to Discuss Their Day and How They Feel

Taking time out of your day to ask your children how their day was can open communication lines to how they are feeling. Adjusting for them may be challenging as well, and they could be struggling in a subject. It also allows you to hear their perspective of how everything is affecting them this period. Create that healthy line of communication early on within the year.

So, parents get ready for this year and don’t worry. We hope these tips can help you and create a good foundation for you and your child. Happy new school year.

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