4 Important Cultural Lessons the Proud Family Taught Us

If you didn’t watch the Proud Family in the early 2000s when Disney Channel was in its prime, you missed out on one of the best-animated series. With a theme song written by Solange and guest celebrity appearances, even a movie with evil peanuts dancing off, you missed it. With all the family lessons and laughs, the show brought us moments of culture. But, don’t worry, we rounded up four moments within the show that brought us enjoyment and culture.

Understanding Kwanzaa

You may have heard about Kwanzaa and have learned about it briefly in school, but The Proud Family took it to another level. The episode aired in 2001, and it seems to be the only animation series to highlight the importance of this African-American holiday. That speaks volumes!

Arranged Marriages

In the “Romeo Must Wed” episode, Penny starts to catch feelings for her play co-star Quoc. That is until she learns that he is arranged to be married. This episode briefly dives in briefly to how traditions such as marriage can be different from our westernized ideas.

Classism & Economic backgrounds

The importance of family is the central theme we see in this show. In the twin’s baptism episode, we are introduced to Oscar’s cousins and Trudy’s parents. Both are showing different lifestyles and forms of classism, which causes tension between the two. Eventually, the two find common ground and recognize that they are family at the end of the day. Reminding us that no matter where you come from, there should always be love.

Cultural Acceptance

The culture shock episode aired only a few years after the tragic 9/11 event, causing significant conversation. When our lead heroine Penny Proud switches homes with a traditional Pakistani family, it gives her a wake-up call to what other families consider normal. Opening the discussion that Muslim practicing families are also what make up this American mixing pot.

Along with being strong in your beliefs, friendships, and more, The Proud Family’s impact on young kids in the early 2000s was huge, which could be why everyone is screaming at the reboot’s news! We can’t wait to see how our former crew is going to look like adults!

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