How To Take a Girls Trip With Your Friends Without the Drama

Girls Trips are pivotal points in your life. It signifies the growth of your friendship and securing the bond you have with your ladies. It takes your friendship to new heights and even opens your eyes to who they are behind the closed doors. That’s why when you are traveling with your queen squad, you all should know some of these tips, so your trip doesn’t end up in tears.

Know Each Other’s Boundaries

Understanding the boundaries of different people can take time and is not learned overnight. But, take a moment to discuss what you ladies are and are not comfortable with. This could mean bringing a guest to the room or taking a mental break for an hour to regroup. These conversations are going to alleviate any miscommunication and drama along the way.

Discuss The Finances of the Trip

You can have all the fun in the world with this trip, but it won’t be fun until you discuss funds. When you have different ladies coming into the tour, you should set an ideal budget. Establish the cost range from hotels, activities, food, and girls night out events. You don’t want to set yourself up for a disappointing trip because you can’t access the things you want to do due to funds. It is also a self-check reminder to be sympathetic if your friends aren’t in the same financial situation. Don’t let this ruin the fun!

Experience a Night Out First Before a Planned Trip

A girls night is always needed in your friend group. This is a great way to have conversations outside of the workspace and or other common grounds. You can see each other’s limits and understand what is accepted beforehand. Can they handle the number of shots you are ready for and the game plan after leaving the bar? A good girls night can be an introduction to the memorable girls’ trip.

Leave the Drama at the Door

Use this trip to experience a great time and intimate bond with your girls. So, leave the drama and egos at the door. Let loose, smile, take pics, and establish a “No Instagram” rule so you can live in the moment. Enjoy your ladies and create memories with the queens you are going to create life long bonds with!

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