Getting Your Mind Ready to Manifest

How cliche was it to hear people say you are responsible for your destiny. Listening to individuals that I admire continuously repeat all you need to do is believe in yourself cue the montage of beach pictures and weird music playing Well, I found out they were right!!

Let me begin by letting you know that manifesting your dreams comes at a price. This price is often missed by those telling you that it’s simple to “just believe.” The price includes but not limited to grieving old versions of yourself, crying, reminding yourself that you are worthy, letting people go, and reevaluating yourself often. Are you scared yet? Good, but I promise it will all be worth it.

When you plan a trip or redecorate a room, it all starts with a thought manifesting is no different. Creating a vision board is a beautiful way to visualize your dreams. Like the example of planning a trip when you search the destination, you begin looking at photos of the location, the hotel, and you envision yourself there. Creating a Vision Board allows you the same idea as planning your destination but for your dreams. If you are ready to create the life you want to live, I have compiled a list of things to prepare you to create that life.

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Step 1- Self-awareness:

This is the most critical step because you need to be aware of who you are right now, not who you were or who you planned to be. It would help if you worked from where you are at this very moment. This is a time to address those old ideologies that have held you back.

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Step 2- God’s Guidance:

Some want to ask the Universe, and that’s ok, but I chose to ask the creator of said Universe. This is when you spend alone praying, meditating, and asking yourself what your heart desires are. This is where you begin picking those items you want to add to your Vision Board. The size of your board is up to you, and the photos you choose can be printed, cut from a magazine go wild. Make sure you want at least one photo of yourself to add to the board.

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Step 3- Community:

This one is the essential step on the list because who you surround yourself with is vital in realizing your dreams. There has to be a motivating spirit between friends that will uplift you, listen and push you forward. This means that your community has to be aligned with your healing and growth. As you change, your circle of friends may change.

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Step 4- Blessings and Gratitude:

This step is so important. I guess by now you have picked up on the theme of each step as just as important as the next. The reason is that the steps are to be done simultaneously to work and manifest your dreams. You need a grateful heart for all you do. Everyday give thanks to where you are as you get you where you are going. Blessings are what you pay forward. While you wait for your blessings, make sure you use your gifts to bless others. If we only focus on what we want, we miss the purpose of this thing called life.

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Step 5- Faith:

As you learn about yourself, you begin to believe in yourself. You have to have absolute faith that what you are seeking is on its way. You can not ask for anything and not believe that it will happen. You did all the work; this is the equivalent of getting to the door and not opening it.

We are our worst enemies when it comes to holding ourselves back. As a firm believer of God, I realized that God gave us the authority and instructions to write it down and make it understandable. Do not let your mindset rob you of many opportunities. Your Vision Board is your list, a reminder of the journey, and making it understandable. The above steps are you stepping into your power and authority. Happy Manifesting.

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