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How This Dental Hygienist Invented New Spill Preventive Bibs

We are in a time where everything we once knew is being morphed into a way where masks, gloves, and social distancing is the new normal. Medical professionals are also taking extreme caution when opening up their local offices. Charlesetta Pulce, a dental hygienist, is going viral on Twitter for not only being Black excellence but for how her non-spill bib is creating extra safety measures.

The patented invention, Dental Patient Guard, is a spill-proof bib that eliminates the messiness you experience at the dentist. After many experiments and trial runs, Charlesetta found a solution to protecting the patient from bacteria transferring. So, tell your dentist, orthodontist, and more to look into this invention. What would we do without Black women?

To find out more about this invention and Charlesetta Pulce work, click here:

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