Is Hot Girl Summer Changing the Rules of Dating?

Summertime seems to be the favorite time of the northeast region. Before Co-Vid 19 hit the country, we discussed the return of “hot girl summer” and the sequel adventures. “Hot girl summer” is a term coined by the top-chart rapper Meg Thee Stallion. All it took was one summer for ladies to remember to feel good about themselves regardless of societal norms and how it’s perceived. This new form of women embracing their bodies, sexuality, and dating is a big F**k You to those who have painted women to be in this pigeon hold for centuries long. While most men continue to share their sexual encounters and toxic masculinity within the world, women are vocal with their encounters.

But the question is, is this new form of feminism changing the traditional ways of dating? Dating app stats have shown women are least active on the apps compared to male counterparts. The same stats show that women are becoming less interested in the idea of “true love.” Could this new culture shift be the reasoning? When you think of dating, your mind could wander to consensually seeing someone with the hope of a monogamous relationship. But, the rules are different. More women are dating more than one person and living their “best life” while doing so. Multi-dating for women is not a new term but is now being openly expressed and discussed within conversations. Our minds are adapting to “dating like a man,” and articles such as this one from the Daily Mail discusses how to do so without getting caught.

Relationship expert India Kang agrees, adding: ‘Multi dating or circular dating is a must. Every single woman out there must be multiple dates. It isn’t cheating; it’s about keeping your options open.’ – Daily Mail UK

And when you look into the term “Hot Girl Summer” or “Hot girl,” it is said to be a way of loving yourself, embracing you, and living out loud without fear. This is the type of mentality that is shaking up the dating norms, and quite frankly, we are here for it. Openly dating is a great way to decipher your preferences and ideas within a partner. Personally, don’t feel you are doing this alone. Women are taking control of their narratives, and whether you are celibate or having a “hoe phase,” that is your business apart. So, embrace your hot girl summer safely and don’t allow society to shame you for embracing who you are.

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