Which Organizations You Can Donate to Help Bailout Protestors

Want to get involved within the movement? Don’t feel guilty if you are not built for protesting. The Black Lives Matter movement could use your help in other ways. These ways can be aiding your brothers and sisters with bailout funds and contacting different law offices. We want to share a few tips for those protesting out there to help them stay safe during the chaos.

  1. Bring water and milk just in case of tear gas. This helps alleviate the burning caused by the tear gas.
  2. Wear no descriptive clothing.
  3. Bring a backpack with a battery pack charger, snacks, bandaids, and antiseptic. This will help because you never know what may happen when you are making your voice heard.
  4. Notify someone where you will be for the day so that they are aware of your location.

Just a reminder to please stay safe and be aware of your surroundings when protesting. If you are not made for the front lines, here is a list to help guide you. Thank you to


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