How Being Diagnosed With Stage IV Cancer Helped Her Focus on Her Purpose

We never know the journey we will endeavor within our life. We experience many transitions that pivot us into the next phase of what we determined to be. Sometimes we may never know what moments in life will allow us to reach that transition. For Lindsey Walker, when finding out about her cancer diagnosis, it changed her world. Within the tragic news, she found the light of who she was and what her journey in this world would look like. The publicist and business owner found her voice during the 6-months of chemotherapy. This allowed her to create her latest book, “Thriving Through The Storm.” We had a chance to speak with her on her journey and reflective moments within finding her voice. 

When going through radiation and or chemotherapy, how did you mentally prepare yourself for this?

I never went through radiation, thank God! I would make sure I drank plenty of water so that I could avoid getting stuck more than two times. I would listen to sermons like Pastor Mike Todd’s Transformation Nation and Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts.

Those moments helped me to escape my current circumstance and realize that it was temporary. Only to be brought back to reality once the nurses had to come in and check on me. I wouldn’t wish chemo or a cancer diagnosis on my worst enemy; it is that gruesome! But during my visits, I saw more compassion and kindness from perfect strangers. My nurses and the staff at Siteman Center became like family, and now we have bonds that can never be broken. It taught me to be grateful for every moment, no matter what it looks like.

With many moments of change in your life, did you ever feel a portion of your life was slipping?

I didn’t feel like it was slipping; I knew that it was shifting into something more significant. Not because there weren’t hard days, but because of my faith in Jesus Christ. I had to choose to believe that it would work out for me. I had to choose to believe that there was still a purpose for me after this storm.

What were some daily exercises you incorporated into your life to keep yourself balanced and focused?

I couldn’t physically exercise while undergoing treatment; however, I journaled and prayed every single night. I would recite scripture and have praise and worship because I know that God would see me through. Now that I am healed and on the other side of this, I work out with a trainer twice a week, and I also invested in a therapist.

With the release of your new book “Thriving Through The Storm” what would you like for readers to take away from your journey? 

I want readers to know that they can make it through anything they put their minds to IF they choose to. Thriving is a choice. Life isn’t going to be perfect; you have to be willing to fight through the trenches and know that you have what it takes to make it through and triumph.

I want them to understand that while unexpected things can happen in your life and you can’t control them, you can control how you respond to it. Don’t allow yourself to be consumed with the circumstances that you miss the opportunity to start over and re-create your life. That is how you thrive through the storm.

Lindsey Walker’s story inspires triumph and faith within hardships. Reminding us to always find the light within the dark. Lindsey is the CEO and Lead Publicist for Walker + Associates Media group. You can also find a copy of her debut book entitled, Thriving Through The Storm, on Amazon now.

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