7 Women That Killed These Avatar Cosplay Looks

Cosplay- the art of dressing up as your favorite fictional character from movies, books, or video games has become a unique form of creative expression that has taken on a life of its own. With Cosplay becoming more and more mainstream, we are seeing more and more women of color taking to this art form to express their love of all things nerdy, geeky, and pop culture, while sometimes making a living portraying the characters they hold near and dear to their hearts.

As a self-proclaimed nerd myself, it’s extremely satisfying to see so many women of color step into the spotlight of nerdom with cosplay. Traditionally seen as a white male’s world, being a part of a fandom can often be full of challenges, but these 7 ladies showcase their talent and art that makes every “Fangirl” proud. 

With Avatar: The Last Airbender receiving it’s Netflix release, it’s only fitting that we highlight some of the best IG character cosplays based on the show. 

Here’s a few Instagram pages I recommend:


Cutiepie sensei has not 1 but 2 amazing Avatar: The Last Air Bender ( ATLAB) and The Legend of Kora- the Avatar spinoff cosplays on her page. If you are into cosplay- and makeup this is definitely a great page to follow. 


Not only is Allipugs beautiful, but she is super talented and also has 2 amazing ATLAB cosplays, one as the Amazing Earth bending Toph and one as the adorable Air Bison Aapa. Like really so freaking adorable, yip yip. 


From a glance, you can tell that Roseytoes_cosplay is a cosplay master. The girl has great attention to detail and does not shy away from full bodypaint. So it’s only fitting that her Avatar cosplay was of another badass female, the Fire Nation Princess Azula. 


I’m pretty sure ole Willie Shakespeare was talking about Apathetic_rice when he wrote “Though she be but little she is fierce”. Aoathetic_rice’s Toph cosplay shows she is as strong as the mighty but little Earth Bender.  


Another 2 for 1 ATLAB cosplay brought to you by the fabulous Onyxsenpai_cosplay.  Her short blonde curls  make this Aang look really pop. I love when cosplayers can incorporate their own hair in a cosplay and it still slays. She also reps the Southern Water Tribe with an amazing Katara cosplay.


Mirror mirror on the wall, who can bend water better than them all? Meltingmirror_cosplay that’s who, with this fantastically executed The Legend of Kora cosplay. 


The Reel_Chameleon’s  FX makeup has really brought her Zuko cosplay to life. The time and dedication it takes to do scar work with FX makeup shows true passion to the art of cosplay. She brings honor to this dishonored prince

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