The Signs That Your Friendship May Be Turning Toxic

Our squad has our back 100 percent from the right moments to the bad. We all remember those crazy club nights to our moments skipping class in college. Strong friendships are the true epitome of what helps a queen flourish. But, what about when we start to see a rift within the bond. We know this gets hard for everyone, but we have your back. Here are some signs to detect that your friendship could be heading into a toxic turn.

Their Comments Are Shadier Than Usual

Shade comes in many forms. You have some that are playful and some with underlying tones of rude. We all know our friends will hopefully keep it real, but the delivery is what you should check. When friends deliver a response that makes you feel low about yourself or just some news you relayed to them, take that as a sign.

They’re Not Clapping for Your Success

Your girls should be able to be your fan and support system. We get it; not everyone will be able to clap all the time. But, if you see that lately, they are bringing more negativity than celebration, take this as a warning sign.

Your Fights Seem to Get Worse

Disagreements are reasonable within any relationship. You won’t be perfect 100 percent of the time. But, take notice if the arguments start getting more vicious, and the words end up hurting more than usual. You should never feel like eggshells with your girl. Check your emotions when you’re talking to them and see if your emotions range from frustration to anger. This can be a warning sign.

You Avoid Them Purposefully

Phone calls are going by, you cancel plans, and make sure that you scroll past their social posts. Yes, you even scroll past their new selfie. This is the significant sign that you may have or reach a point of exhaustion with this friend, and it’s time to come to an end of realization.

Friendships won’t always be this perfect story; it takes work too. Some bonds can weather through the roughest storms, and some you have to let go. Take time to figure out if you are noticing these signs within your friendships and find a non-confrontational resolution to approaching your feelings. Just remember, history together should never come before your peace.

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