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Finding Your Voice in the World of Yoga: Interview with Mikaila Cruz

We have seen an explosion of fitness within social media these past few months, aiming us to think more about our health. I have seen fitness videos and or posts that make me think about my fitness journey. One social media influencer that continually promotes a healthier life impact is the Yoga instructor, Mikaila Cruz. The instructor has used her platform to engage with those wanting to learn more from Yoga. Along with creating a platform for herself on social media, along with authoring the book, “Pursuing Your Destiny: How to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Your Dreams.” We had the opportunity to speak to Mikaila about all of this and more empowering advice.

With so many different practices of Yoga, what would you say to a newcomer to the method?

Think of Yoga as the ancients saw it – a “yoke” or union of the body and mind. The physical practice is one facet, but the main focus is the breath. 

What are your three methods of perfecting a pose?

First, perfecting a pose is in the eye of the practitioner. As an instructor, I teach these methods to safely and mindfully come into the asana (posture)

1. Breathing mindfully

2. Being aware of your body’s movement and alignment 

3. Not comparing to others

With your page being accessible on social media, what do you aim for those to take away from your platform?

My intention is to make the yoga practice an empowering yet peaceful synergy. I am a guide, and it is the student’s life experience that is the yoga journey.

What was the process like for publishing your book?

Once the idea for the book came into fruition I already had a graphic designer who introduced me to a book publishing coach. He referred me to an editor, and amongst the efforts of our group, “Pursuing Your Destiny” launched. 

How did you organize your thoughts to find a theme?

Following the tragedy of September 11th, 2001, I wrote an article entitled “Will I Recover?” It was shared with media outlets in South Florida and the thoughts about writing a book emerged.

What are some constructional methods you would say to new writers who are feeling discouraged to put out their words into the world?

I find discouragement to be something that either drains you or motivates you. I recommend carrying a notebook wherever you go, immediately jotting down anything that comes to mind. Thoughts have been transformed into the greatest of novels. Don’t ever be afraid to express yourself.

To find more from this amazing teacher and author, head to her website. To follow her social journey and connect with her yoga page, follow her on Instagram.

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