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5 Organic Alternatives For Your Period

It’s that time of the month, and you are already dreading going to the store to pick up your feminine care items. Yes, we mean tampons and pads. It’s a hassle these days with the amid the chaos that is surrounding stores. Along with discovering that most feminine care brands use toxic chemicals in their products that can poorly affect your vaginal health.

Studies have shown that your big name pad brand can contain the same chemicals as four plastic bags. These plasticizing chemicals, like BPA and BPS, disrupt embryonic development. They’re typically linked to heart disease and cancer. Phthalates, which give paper tampon applicators a smooth finish, are known to dysregulate gene expression, and DEHP may lead to multiple organ damage. This is only the surface level of what we know about our care products, which is why we are taking a stand and looking for organic solutions that will still help us feel clean but also healthy!

Thinx Period Panties

Thinx is an intimate line that is created for your period. These “period panties” are designed to hold up to four tampons worth. Yes, that’s four tampons! With advanced fiber technology for odor control and moisture control. It sounds like a comfortable alternative. The best part is that this underwear comes in 3 different options for flow days from light to heavy.
Along with different styles and sizes to accommodate all women. Plus, they even have some patterns to remind you to feel more fun when your body is going through a change. The prices are reign from $25 to $40 and even include payment options.

Take their quiz and find your perfect pair here.

Diva Cup

Now, for those who are very new to the idea of a cup holding your menstrual flow, you are not alone. The Diva Cup was founded in 2003, and it took a while to catch on. Now, it seems everyone offers a similar product. Diva Cup provides a step by step guide on insertion & cleaning. Plus, there is no waste or fuss.

To purchase your Diva Cup and to learn more, click here.

The Honey Pot Company Organic Tampons

The Honey Pot Company went viral after the founder Bea Dixon discussed how she wanted her brand to empower Black women to reach for their goals. It caused such a stir that consumers were trying to leave adverse remarks on the products. However, the community stepped up, and all of its products are now in high demand. As someone who uses their vaginal washes and wipes, I love their products. So, why not try their organic tampons & pads? Their products are toxin & chemical free along with organic cotton, which alleviates irritation, yeast infections, allergies, and more.

To shop their full menstrual line, click here.

Jade Pearl Sea Sponges

Sea sponges are yes, from the ocean! However, they have been proven to be useful for users who are looking for cost-efficient ways and waste-free options. Now, you do have to do a specific process to cleanse them before using them, and that process is explained on their site. To find out more on the different sponges and such click on their site to shop their packs.

Click here to shop for the sponges.

Cloth Pads from Jade Pearl

Cloth pads are some of the oldest ways of feminine care and maybe it’s worth a try. The brand Jade and Pearl offers a sustainable solution for pads as well. Offering “breathable nylon leak-resistant shield & nickel-free plated snaps. 100% cotton upper, 100% cotton inner” with custom sizing as well from small to large. Also, the designs are pretty cute and the price ranges are moderately low as well.

To shop their collection of reusable collection, shop here.

We love finding new options for you to alleviate the already stressful bleeding by mother nature. So, invest in educating yourself on different options, and let’s protect our ladies downstairs.

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  1. I have both Thinx (4 pair) & Diva cup listed in this article. It was a learning experience at first but once I got the hang of it, I loveeee. I can’t wait to add more thinx to my collection. I also own the Ziggy cup which is really great as well.


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