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Which Insecure Friend Fits Your Personality?

Insecure is coming back this Sunday, and fans are finally rejoicing. On Sunday, April 12, we will be reunited with our favorite crew and their early 30 dilemmas. If you haven’t been watching this well-praised series, then you are missing out. Each character from Issa to Kelly resembles someone we know in our lives. That’s why we enjoy it too much, it’s overly relatable. With season 3 leaving us with so many questions and different character storylines, we have to ask which one are you relating to? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you which Insecure character best fits you.

Issa Dee

Issa is the lead character and our favorite underdog. In season one, we see her struggle with the growing pains of being in her late 20s and not feeling accomplished. Towards the end of the season, we thought our girl would finally get it together, but like all things in life, our mistakes come back to haunt us. Which led her to step into her own voice for season two & three when it came to her love life, career, and friendship. Issa is the friend you root for and want to succeed. She may run into hard times, but she always manages to land on her feet, and sometimes it ends up being more than she planned for. Are you this friend?

Molly Carter

Molly is an overachiever and a boss babe. She is the friend you know who has luxurious taste, great advice, and can do trendy events with. She is also a friend who may be a little uptight and have way too many standards for herself. It’s okay, though, being a boss takes discipline. But, her actual flaw is herself and her self sabotaging behavior. We see this behavior repeats itself in the different seasons when it comes to her dating life with Jared and her open relationship with Dro. Molly has everything going for herself, and she will continue to win if she stands out of her own way. Are you this friend?

Tiffany DuBois

Tiffany has everything going for herself. She’s smart, beautiful, successful and married to the love of her life. We love to see her and her side-eye that she gives on occasion. Tiffany also tends to be the shadiest of the crew. You can always expect a good comeback from this queen. While she prioritizes elevating her life and stepping into new chapters, that is her dilemma in life. While Tiffany is the friend who seems to have it together, she struggles with the idea that her friends won’t catch up to the new phases in her life. We have seen that as she began her journey to motherhood in season three when she recognizes she can’t hang with the crew like she used to. While stepping into the next chapters of elevation, she wonders if her friends will keep up? Are you this friend?


Kelli is that hard working 9-5 on the clock friend who you know is down for a good time. You don’t ever need to ask Kelli if she’s down to go, chances are she’s already dressed and there. This friend is also the one who you can never be serious with, she’s always finding humor in your pain. But, that may be a good thing, while we take things too seriously at times, we forget to laugh at the kind happening. One downfall she may have is the fact she may be the reason why the group missed out on Beychella. This is a huge flaw, but now you have a great story because of it. So enjoy being funny in your group, they need to remember to not take life so seriously. Are you this friend?

We love this show, and we are excited to see these friends be reunited this Sunday. While in quarantine, host a Facetime watch & wine with your queen squad. Don’t forget to remind them which character you are in the group. Chances are that you’re at least one of the ladies listed. Insecure season four premieres on HBO, Sunday at 10:30 pm.

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