Is Jhene Aiko’s Album Chilombo Showing Her Growth?

Jhene Aiko released her third studio album entitled “Chilombo.” Which is titled after the singers the last name. The 20 song album includes chart-toppers “Triggered” and her latest single “P*$$y Fairy (OTW).” This album features a different element of sounds, including rainfall,crystal alchemy singing bowls, and other sounds from nature. Now, this project starts with her introduction, and throughout the album, we hear the softness of her voice. Yet, the pain that we feel as the album continues through the first four songs. One in particular, that genuinely captured my ears was “Speak.” A song that grants no one’s permission for her to get up and feel like herself again. It’s, in a sense, the calm after the storm that we feel within us after a traumatic or troublesome ending to a chapter.

Throughout the album, we hear more of a vulgar and sensual side of Jhene. Discussing her sexual desires and orgasms on a “P$$Y Fairy (OTW)” is no secret to us. However, this single is a little more open than her previous tracks, such as “Maniac.” Features from this album include H.E.R, Miguel, Ab-Soul, Nas, and more. This meditative production gives us a narration of the healing process from pain, to step out with your girls, and then making peace with yourself, then mentally closing the chapter on that relationship. However, this album isn’t the typical F*k him and love yourself a collection. Much like Jhene’s public relationship with rapper, Big Sean (also speculated muse of this album), she confronts that she is missing her partner. On “10k Hours,” we hear that anger turns into vulnerability for love once more.

On “Magic Hour,” she sings, “It ain’t perfect, but everything is beautiful.” This lets us know that she has reconciled with her former love and recognized the love she once shared. Which makes us think, are we okay with seeing our heroine fall back in love again and their wrongs? Overall, this album is for the Aiko fans who love their favorite L.A. girl. If you are looking for vocal growth, this isn’t the album for you. She has her signature soft, whispery sound, but the lyrics will entice you. We are calling this album perfect for the empaths, broken-hearted, and queens who want to have a good vibe.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this album but I may be biased since I’ve been a fan since Sail out ♥️ but can easily throw this album and let it rock. A complete vibe.


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