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5 Reasons Why You Need To Binge Gentefied on Netflix

It looks like they are finally listening to us on Twitter over there at Netflix about incorporating more authentic Latin stories. The mega streaming giant has been taking a hit from #blacktwitter & #latintwitter when it comes to canceling the majority of their shows starring people of color. She’s Gotta Have ItSoundtrack, and One Day at a Time sadly didn’t make it into 2020 with us. This is why we are rallying all fans of drama, love, family hardships, and strong women lead to stream this new series.

Gentefied (pronounced hen-tea-fied) is a new bi-lingual dramedy produced by Ugly Betty star America Ferrera and Teri Weinberg. This series follows three Mexican-American cousins and their modern dilemmas on following their dreams in post-gentrification Los Angeles. Now, we won’t give too much away but here are five reasons why you will fall in love with this new must-see.

Yessika & Ana’s Love Will Have You Smiling

Queer Latin Love, we love to see it! This romantic storyline is composed of two very strong-willed women who both are trying to make a political statement with their talents. Problems, of course, arise, but the conversation about colorism and discrimination in their storyline is worth investing in.

The Mexican-American Experience is Being Told Authentically

For those who don’t get it, we promise you are not alone. But this show dives into the struggle of holding onto your authentic Mexican roots. It’s not always about tacos and cervezas (beer). It’s about the heritage, traditions, slang, and then, of course, FOOD!

Erik’s Continuous Support For Lidia Showcases Men Aren’t Afraid of Strong Women

Erik’s character in the show reminds us of that one cousin in our lives who’s always trying to figure it out. He somehow manages never to let his dilemmas pour into her and her plans. He also doesn’t allow her to stand alone success deter him from wanting to better himself for her and their baby. Oops, a spoiler alert!

It Discusses White-Washing Your Identity

Yes, this show displays how far you will go to receive an advancement of opportunities. This includes whitewashing yourself to be accepted. Now, many of this would call this a classic code switch situation, but we were appalled to how far Chris was willing to go.

It Discusses The Importance of Preserving Your Neighborhood

This series focuses on Boyle Heights in the post-gentrification era. From Ana’s art displays to Chris’s menu enhancements, these cousins are doing what they can to survive. But is your culture for sale?

Overall, we give this show a solid 4.5/5 for their story setting, character development, and realness. We recommend you hit that watch button and get to binging!

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