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Which Beauty Brands Every Queen Needs In Her Life

The world of beauty is changing and it’s for the good. Brands are incorporating healthy and organic substitutes opposed to the toxic chemicals. Which is why we were excited to partner with these brands as raffle sponsors for our first “Queens Support Queens” brunch & pop-up shop experience. These brands were chosen because they match our values in achieving beauty & wellness without the harm. Here is a list of every beauty brand each queen needs.

Eczema Honey Co.

Eczema Honey Co. is not your typical skin care line. It was designed for those who have sensitive skin, eczema, and psoriasis. Each product is made with organic ingredients made to ease your eczema inflammation caused by stress, genetics, and outside elements. As someone who does suffer extreme eczema, this brand has helped immensely. We also love that this product could be used for both adults and children. The reason why we wanted to include this line was because eczema is a skin issue that effects every race but it causes more damage to African-Americans & Latino/as. Which is why we wanted to highlight a brand that will be resourceful to the women and their skin. To purchase their line, shop here.

Rizos Curls

This Latina founded brand was built for different curly hair types and it’s light weight formula creates fun bounce and frizz free curls. Yes, I am also a fan of this product. This brand I found to be infused with sunflower oil, jojoba butter, and more. All the things curly girls need to hydrate the curls. You can now find this brand in Target, Walmart, and on their site.

Olive & June

Olive & June is a company founded on making sure nail salon beauty is achievable anywhere. Their cuticle oil and top coat polish is amazing! I also love how bold the colors come out. It doesn’t feel like your 99 cent store nail polish. Also, we love that this brand was founded by a woman! We give it all the support. To shop their well curated kits and polishes, click here for more.

Rooted Treasure

We love organic brands that also preserve their culture in their story. This Jamaican grown brand is created from a farm on the island. They are locally grown and the oil is created on the farm as well. Their thick and all natural formula isn’t diluted with water unlike drug store brands and their results match that statement. If you are unsure about how to use this product, it’s for hair growth. You can use it for hair, brow, and lash growth. All the things we love having in our life. To shop their product you can click here.

We would love to say thank you to all of these brands for being apart of a successful event. We would also love to share these amazing raffle winners and their smiles.

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