5 Fresh Date Ideas For Galentine’s Day

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of fuzzy teddy bears, jewelry commercials, and those rich chocolates in heart-shaped boxes. Yup, that’s right, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. But, if you are not in the mood to watch another rom-com on the couch or hit up that situational lover for dinner, we have the next best idea. Take your girls out for a fun time! Galentine’s day is a day dedicated to being with your girls and strengthening the bond you have. It’s just as important to date your ladies. It helps grow the bond and create life long memories. So, instead of the typical wine nights and dinner ideas, we have some fun and fresh ideas you can do with your ladies!

Hit Up The Tattoo Parlor

Now, this may be out of the blue, but hey, it is a new idea. Getting a tattoo with your girls encourages memories. It may be a matching one (which we only advise if you’re comfortable) or could just be one that you’ve been eyeing for a while. Call up a parlor, do your research, and book the appointment! They may even have specials for V-day weekend.

Find the Adrenaline at Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving is different from your typical dinner gathering. It will help you feel a rush of excitement without the danger of real skydiving. Now, this one may be a little pricy but this is something you can find on Groupon with a good deal. 

Take Your Stress & Break Some Junk

photo courtesy of Break Bar NYC

Yes, you can pay to break some sh*t! This is always a great idea for someone just getting out of a relationship or who has been having a rough time this season. It may not heal everything, but breaking things does have a way of easing stress. Find one near you and book it now!

Test Your Intelligence with an Escape Room

Do you ever want a chance to figure out if your girls would be a good ride or die? Test it out in an escape room! Riddles and puzzles are a fun way to test your intelligence and how strong your girls can work together. You may start some tiffs, but all friendships need a little puzzle now and then. It may strengthen the bond.

Cooking with Your Long Distance Gals

For our long-distance friends, we know it’s hard. So, try setting up a cooking date with them. Find a recipe that you can both try out together and set up a time that works in both of your time zones. Then make sure that the battery is charged and chef it up with your girl.

We all love a good girls get together and we love a good time. So get your girls together this galentine’s day and try out these new ideas!

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