Brittany Diego: The Stylist Turned Fashion Mentor

Too often when you are up and coming in any industry those above you do not tend to send the elevator back down, but this is not the case when it comes to celebrity stylist Brittany Diego. From stylist to mentor Diego has been able to create spaces for those looking to enter the arena of styling, while making the learning curve a bit more bearable for the newbies. Based in LA, where she studied fashion both in high school and college, she has dressed celebrities such as Draya Michelle, Dani Leigh, and other rising creatives. Her portfolio extends to the reach of various brands like Revolve and BCBG.

As a celebrity stylist, Diego founded her brand FashionMentor, a resource for aspiring and established stylists looking for tips and advice to help them maneuver through the world of styling. The blog provides tips on landing style jobs, what to expect in fashion interviews as well as insights like a day in the life of stylist and how they positioned themselves in the industry.

Everything on the brand’s blog is insightful and full of knowledge about the fashion industry. If you’re serious about your career as a stylist, Brittany Diego offers options for classes, ebooks, and guides all available for purchase. This stylist turned fashion mentor host an annual style seminar that dives into different styling careers, how to access showrooms and designers along with making and continuing professional relationships.

These workshops and seminars are not only needed but are severely important to attend. Learning from those that have done what you are setting out to do is essential to anyone’s career growth. It helps navigate the process by giving you the chance to learn from others’ mistakes and struggles.

During the 2nd annual style seminar Diego brought out other stylists and business owners in the industry to tell their own stories of not only success but failures too. These guest speakers were a reminder of hard work paying off. They also set out to be inspirational for all aspiring and established stylists in the room.

Attendees were left with takeaways and questions to be answered. Here are a few from that style seminar:

  • Think about what you want your brand message to be
  • Be true to who you are
  • Confidence comes with commitment met with consistency 
  • What are your stylist goals for the year

Having the curated space to learn the do’s and don’ts straight from the source is exactly what Diego has created for up and coming stylist. Whether it is through Instagram, her blog, ebooks, or seminars Brittany Diego is constantly pouring her wisdom out to others to learn from. She is a queen in fashion worth investing in.

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