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JLo’s Daughter & Her Deeper Message During Her Super Bowl Performance

If you were like any average person on social last night, you saw the internet buzzing over the debut of Emme Anthony. Yes, the gifted child from Latin Icons Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. The 11-year-old debuted her talents at the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show right beside her mother. Videos of her surfaced early last year of her singing Alicia Keys ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ with her vocal coach. So we knew she had talent and it was only a matter of time until she shared it. Her performance was eloquent and carried well with the lively crowd. But it also had a deeper meaning if you look close.

A Representation of Children in Cages

In summer 2019, images were leaked from the I.C.E raids showing how inhuman immigrants were being treated. Stories leaked of children in cages and being forced to defend themselves in court as young as three. This message may have gone over your head but Emme had a variety of young children with her as she sang in what replicated a caged.

Singing Born in the USA

This message may have been missed because when Emme started to sing the words, “Born In The USA,” her mother joined her on stage with the Puerto Rican flag. This joint message showcased how Latino/as are apart of the U.S.A and they are here to stay.

Overall, we loved every second of Emme bringing power to the stage. We have to give our respect to this young queen for making sure she truly left an impact.

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