10 Times We Questioned Tyler Perry’s Wig Choices

In a world with super talented wig makers both on Instagram and Youtube, I find myself seriously perplexed on why the well-praised Mabel “Madea” Simmons creator and director, Tyler Perry, has the audacity with these wig choices. To place his characters from his movies and shows in some of the most roast worthy hairpieces that have disgraced our television screens. We had to countdown the 10 that we can’t erase from our minds.

Madea’s Cornrows in Madea Goes to Jail (2009)

Photo via: Google

I think it’s only right that I start this list off with the famous Madea. Now, Madea having a crazy wig would be par for the course for the crazy matriarch of a fictional black family.  We are just wondering why her scalp looks like it’s been powdered and painted.

Jill Scott as Sheila in Why Did I Get Married (2007)

Now, I love me some Jill Scott. I think she is an amazingly beautiful and talented woman and she can act her ass off. However, Mr. Perry did her no favors in the first Why Did I Get Married with that “first lady of the church” wig that he got from a catalog.

Loretta Devine as Shirley in Madea’s Big Happy Family (2011)

Honey Chile, why would they put this wig on this icon? Why? Fix it Jesus. 

Janet Jackson as Patricia in Why Did I Get Married Too? (2010)

This curly monstrosity looks like Rick James and Tito Jackson had a love child. Enough said.

Crystal Fox as Grace in A Fall From Grace (2020)

Not only did this wig look like the crazy black lady wig from every crazy black lady movie. It was almost as if the wig also had a mind of its own. Like the wig was trying to steal the show.

Tyler Perry as Rory in A Fall From Grace (2020)

Someone really needs to tell Tyler to stop putting baby powder on wigs, it wasn’t cool when the founding fathers did it. It’s not cool now. Also, how do you make hair look ashy?

Boris Kojo in Madea’s Family Reunion (2006)

Why, oh why would you put this fuzzy wig that looks like it’s made of the crushed velvet that was found in 1970s blacklight posters, on this man?

Ebony Obsidian as Karen Mott in Sistas (2019)

Now this one is not a movie, but it’s in the top 3 because of how disrespect this wig is to black women. We can see the edges peeking through.

Shemar Moore as Orlando in Diary Of A Mad Black Woman (2005)

The one and only Shemar Moore and the cornrow wig that looks like he wears dirty air force ones and sits on the stoop all day harassing everyone that walks by.

Mechad Brooks as Shannon in A Fall From Grace (2020) 

Mechad Brooks is a beautiful specimen of male greatness. Just a FINE man! But, we get it, he’s the evil manipulator. Yes, his character was a creep and really Ike Turner-ish but that high top wig was horrendous and had this been a real life. His hair should have been the biggest red flag for Grace ever to know this man wasn’t right.

Let us just say Tyler Perry may be an impactful man but his wigs seem to be getting more attention then his latest projects.

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  1. That shemar more wig was by far the worst. And after all of these years, all of the sucess, all of the wealth, Tyler refuses to put a stop to his frugal choice of wigs. I think he does it intentionally now to keep people talking about him.

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