Why Amanda Seales Shutting Down Jeannie Mai is a Teachable Moment

It is no secret that actress and media personality, Amanda Seales, is very passionate about Black culture. She has a game show series dedicated to educating those about Black culture and her HBO stand-up special, I Be Knowin‘, displayed teachable moments as well. So, it was no surprise to us that when Amanda dismissed Jeannie Mai’s point in the conversation discussing Black progression. The newest co-star on The Real was discussing the lack of change within the Black community during their Martin Luther King Jr. segment. Amanda expressed her frustration and honest observations within the segment.

“We still have a prison industrial complex, we still have racism, we still have things built into our laws and into our constitution,” Seales on The Real.

While Seales was finishing her point, her co-star, Jeannie Mai, jumps in mid-sentence to bring in mental health. Which caused her to bring the conversation back to the point of the race. This moment may have created the tension between the two but it was needed. We as women of color need to unify but also, when we are sharing a specific cultural experience, it’s a listening moment. Dismissing or diverting the conversation from an already tension-filled subject isn’t how we should be listening to one another. Listen to your fellow queen’s point and understand, every cultural experience should be heard. Don’t interrupt your sis mid-sentence.

See the full video of the interaction below:

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