6 Women of Color Photographers You Need to Know About

The world of photography has always been dominated by men and their skills. Those times are changing though. Women are coming to the forefront to the world of photography with their creative visionary skills and new found perspective that we were in dire need of. This is why we wanted to give our roses to these queens who are capturing their subjects with a unique perspective and outlook. Here are six women of color photographers who you should be following on your feed.

Chikki Cuesta

Chikki Cuesta is a Puerto Rican and Dominican woman photographer residing in New York city. Her work captures the essence of the Latinx & Black community within New York. Her style of photography reveals a story within each frame and it captures the authenticity of her subjects. Reminding us the beauty in being a women of color within this world.

Where you can more of her work:

Dani B.

Dani B is a Black woman photographer capturing the radiance of Black beauty in an editorial fashion. Her visual direction captures the eclectic ensembles that continually leads the eye in awe. Her various backgrounds usually take place in the cityscapes of New York and provides a dimensional appeal to her models.

Where you can find more of her work:

Mariah Retro

Mariah Retro is a Black woman photographer who artistically captures the femininity qualities of her subjects. Her photography showcases an intimate bond between the subjects and her lens. It brings a softness to the strength of a woman.

Where you can find more of her work:

Thalia Nino

Thalia Nino is a Dominican woman wedding photographer who portrays the storytelling aspect of love. Her wedding style creates a more heartfelt and in the moment version of her clients love story. Her work displays love beyond the outer appearance and appeal. It shows the vulnerability and trust her clients share with each other.

Where you can find more of her work:

Black Queen Photographer

Black Queen Photographer is a Black woman photographer who’s work captures they playful personas of her subjects. Her work captures the variety of woman and their true personas. Her photos are remind you that women and girls come in variations of personalities of a strong woman.

Where you can find more of her work:

Simrah Farrukh

Simrah Farrukh is a Pakistani woman photographer who captures the beauty of brown bodies. We have previously interviewed this talented woman and her view point of her photography.

When we asked her about her photography she expressed, “America is supposed to be accepting of diversity, considering how diverse it actually is. So, I hope when people consistently see my photography, it can eventually help diversity become the accepted norm.”

Where you can find more of her work:

Each of these women have broken into the industry with their own style and voice when it comes to their art. They remind us the beauty in women of color and how we are still combating the personifications the outward media aims to show. Follow these queens for more inspiration.

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  1. Hi thanks for sharing this post. I just got a new camera and I having been trying to learn all of its functions. To keep me motivated I created a blog and a in instagram page. I followed these women for motivation.


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