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4 Things No One Tells You About Your Vagina

Life comes at you fast and in your twenties it feels even faster. Being a woman in your twenties feels like life comes at you in a speed you weren’t ready for. You learn so much about your body from back aches, new allergies, huge emotion shifts, and more. But, while on this journey as a twenty-something woman, I learned my vagina and hormones will change in the most unsubtle way. So, I want to share four things no one will tell you about your girlfriend downstairs once you hit your twenties.

Your Sex Drive is Wild

We don’t know what happens but one day you wake up and you are ready to pounce everything in sight. It hit me one day in the middle of work at 2 pm and I was confused to why my body was testing me. Your libido will have you thinking some wild thoughts in the middle of a conference. However, this is perfectly normal. It feels scary at first, but when researching the cause of the increased sexual desires, states that the cause of this is our reproductive system is working. So, you are healthy, it’s just our bodies telling us to make little humans. In other words, you are perfectly fine.

Your Period Will Feel Different

Your period, whew, your period. I feel as soon as I hit 22, my period symptoms drastically changed. My flow felt heavier, my emotions were more rampant, and the headaches became killer. Your period will shift drastically as much as your sex drive in your twenties. Don’t be alarmed though, this is a normal cause because your body again is working towards reproduction. Your breasts will be a little more tender, your flow will be heavy (lighter if you are on birth control), and it’s okay. But, if you feel like it’s unbearable, go see your doctor immediately.

The Proper Way To Clean Your Girlfriend

There have been so many viral videos discussing the cleanliness of your vagina. From not using feminine products to using only hot water; there has been a lot of discussion. First thing’s first, don’t use scented products. This can irritate your vagina and cause a imbalance in your vaginal ph. You should always wash front to back with warm water. The most important note is to not get soap into your vagina, it will burn. Just use unscented soaps (or no soap at all), warm water, and be gentle. You can find other ways to clean your vagina properly via

Vitamins and Supplements Help Vaginal Health

Now, we remember the days of the Flintstone vitamins and the gummies. We took them in order to maintain our health and we should follow that in our twenties. Vitamins and probiotics are a great way to maintain vaginal health. Take a look at your women’s vitamins and probiotics that focus primary on our health.

Well while we are running around and to enjoy our twenties; lets not neglect our vagina! She loves us and honestly while these changes are annoying, they are normal. All of us look and feel different down there. So, if you feel none of these shifts happening, it’s okay. If you have any more questions, see your OBGYN and get those answers.

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