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How This Brand Is Reminding Us Of 90’s Black Love

The ’90s were a time when we saw so many positive portrayals of Black Excellence on and off the screen. We cheered when Whitley turned around wide-eyed and accepted Dwayne’s proposal leaving Byron at the altar. When Will swept Lisa off her feet with his humor. But, when Maxine proclaimed her love for her arch-nemesis Kyle, that took the cake.

The 90s reminded us how cheesy and dramatic you had to be when you were in love. That’s why when I found the brand Chipmunk Chronicles, I knew I needed their pieces!

This clothing line is Black-owned and celebrating Black 90’s love & more at it’s finest. It takes me back to my childhood of binging on Fresh Prince before the bus or sitting with my mom on weekends watching her favorite movies from the era. This clothing line features products from “A Different World”, “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and more.

They are worth the purchase and with holidays coming around, they are perfect gifts for your 90s loving queens! You can shop their full array of clothing, pins, and accessories at

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