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4 New Jersey Beauty Influencers Who You Need to Follow

We love celebrating queens and these four are making their mark in the beauty industry. When we think of the beauty market, we are quick to think major city – New York, Tokyo, LA

Well, I am here to tell you about some queens in Southern New Jersey.

We wanted to take time to show you how this region of New Jersey deserves it’s shine. These small businesses, all within the beauty niche, are showing how their passion has and continues to help their growth. You will not only find beauty tips on these pages, but life inspiration.

Squeeky Damua

Photo via: @squeekydamua1

Her work and content are not only flawless but consistent. She often uses bright bold colors in her creations.

Squeaky is transparent with her followers discussing topics like acne and motherhood. In being relatable Squeaky, has shown how much of a warrior we all truly can be.

She is a part of Anastasia’s PR List amongst other makeup brands. If you aren’t the biggest make up person, please trust you will learn of all sorts of brands by the way of Squeeky. She is often eagerly unboxing a new arrival- that’s where she mentions all the dope make up brands.

It’s not hard to tell she has a deep admiration for what she does.

Nicole Bonilla

Photo via @nikkis_glam

NikiGlam is just that, all things GLAM!!!

Soft glam, she’s got it. Holiday glam, she’s got it. Full face glam, she’s got it!

Her images are filled with lined lips and cut crease eyelids. She not only works on her beautiful face as a canvas; her clientele is consistently growing. She is a graduate of beauty school and while being a makeup artist she is also a Lash Tech.

Her page is filled with glitz and glam. Let’s be honest here, is it even glamour if glitter isn’t involved?

photo via:

Beautle Co, a mobile beauty service founded by Jessica (major boss babe alert). Beautle also has a storefront location where the beauty services vary. Through Beautle you can book your choice of lash techs. From your classic makeup looks to facials and eyebrow tinting Beautle is your one-stop-shop for all things beauty

What is most inspirational about this individual is her passion for women empowerment and giving back to the community. When not in her beauty studio you can find her on a panel inspiring the next generation.

Royal Silky Miracles

I don’t want to say, save the best for last, but save the best for last. Royal Silky Miracles is a hair salon owned and operated by Patricia, a licensed cosmetologist. When we discuss Boss Babes, she can not go unmentioned.

The hair transformations on her page are luscious and vibrant. Her experience and knowledge set her as a master hairstylist.

10,000 hours anyone?

RSM often post Royal Hair Tips to keep you and your locs at their very best. On her page, you can find hours of operation, client testimonials and an overall royal vibe. Will you sit in her chair next to feel like complete royalty?

It is important to dig in and find inspiration and sometimes it’s as simple as taking a look into your own community. Here at The Queen Sessions, we love highlighting the strong women of color in our communities. Who are some of the favorite women in your community?


  1. I honestly think @Gxldvibe should be on this list. She set the bar in south Jersey for bold colors and glitter! Didn’t really see that a lot in makeup until she started. Her clientele continues to grow all the time. And she also offers makeup lessons daily! She does makeup full time now because it is her passion and something she loves and you can tell! She does all publicity for other businesses makeup and lashes for free! Maybe you should take a look at her work as well! When I think about MUAs in South Jersey she’s the first to come to mind!


    1. Hey Vicky,

      Awesome, thank you for putting her on our radar. We will make sure to check out her work, so excited.

      And we appreciate you taking the time to read our piece. Hope our content inspires you.


    1. Hi Monique

      Yaasss, agreed. We recently learned of her by way of a comment on this post. So glad to be following her now. Her work is awesome too !!!


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