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Photo Series Glow-Getters Creates Generational Joy for Black Women

Generations of beautiful Black Women gathered together to create a photo series amplifying their inner glow. Danika Glasgow, alias Dee Glow, curated this photo series to celebrate the melanated beauty and inner spiritual strength of Black women. While this is her first photo series, she has devoted her free time to spreading positive affirmations with her ” Blessings Cards.” These cards are hand-written memo cards to motivate women to keep pushing forward and to remind them of why they are amazing. We had a chance to briefly speak with her and why she choose to pursue this concept for the photo series and about womanhood.

TQS: What does unity mean to you?

Danika: Unity means to be standing together. Unity means that there is no competition when I look around and see someone who looks like me. Unity means embracing and loving each other just as we are and encouraging each other to do better and be better as we learn and grow together.  

TQS: How did you come up with the term glow-getters?

Danika: I got the term “glow- getters” from an Instagram post and I believe it was a Queen sessions post if I’m not mistaken! The definition was along the lines of “a highly ambitious person who always strives to achieve his/her goals in life while maintaining a radiant glow inside and out.” I think that’s the perfect definition!

TQS: This is a generational photoshoot, was that the purpose?

Danika: I did intend for the Photoshoot to be generational. I believe that it is extremely important for us as black women to show black girls that every black girl they meet is their sister. I wanted to show my younger cousins that as Black women we can embrace each other whether we know each other or not. It doesn’t take much to smile and compliment another little girl that looks just like you. You never know what that little girl is going through and you can help make her day a little bit better. 

TQS: Lastly, What are you next projects?

Danika: Honestly, with the next projects, I’m not sure. I do know that I have received such a positive and powerful response from this Photoshoot. I think I’m going to focus my energy on making the second year bigger and better!

For the full release of this photo series, follow Danika on Instagram at @deeglow.

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