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Giving A Moment to Celebrate the Power of Curls & Beards

Vendors, Nu Wave & Curlfident discussing their brands, photography Elsi M Pacheo

On Saturday, June 8th, at the Gold Room BK, I was submerged in the New York City curl community. For those who don’t know, the curl community in New York has been a blossoming community that has produced mainstream influencers such as Ty Lauren , Marlene, and Nnenna B.

There are more influencers, but these ladies come to my mind when I think about how the curl community in New York truly supports them and uplifts their beauty influence. It’s communities such as this that are creating conversation within the mainstream world of beauty. If you think about it, ten years ago, we lived in a world where the creamy crack (perms) and flat irons were our besties. Now you take a look around, and you can’t see a national brand campaign without some curls in it! Which has allowed influencers, activists, and brand owners to come together and have a meaningful dialogue about their curl-story.

Steffani A. & Kyle

Event curators & Founders, Beard & Curls

That’s what had transpired while I was attending and guest speaking at the inaugural Beard and Curls event. Conversations were happening about how they overcame being shamed for their curls and how they had to battle within their selves to love their hair. I spoke to some mothers about how their daughters are trying to find self-love in their hair texture. They shared how going to predominantly White schools can be the cause of the struggle. I even had the chance to speak to women who are launching their brands in the beauty industry.

Vendors, Design Essentials, photography by Elsi M Pacheo

These conversations were all meaningful and each one I had a chance to hear another story of self-love and acceptance for who they were. We discussed culture, deep conditioning routines, and some laughter over rum punch. However, that’s how it should feel when you are in a room surrounded by those who understand you. We all may not have the same background, hair type, or perspective. What brought us together was the journey of learning to love and embrace these kinks and coils. It was a pleasure speaking at this event and even more of pleasure being apart of a community who heard me.

Founder of Lux Curls by Coco, photogrpahy by Elsi M Pacheco

Thank you again to Beards and Curls, and for the full list of guests (vendors, speakers, and sponsors) please follow them on Instagram.

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