Why the Black Men Don’t Cheat Movement is Trending

Now, if you are a woman who occasionally tunes into the Breakfast Club like I do, then you are familiar with this hashtag going viral. For those who don’t know, the #blackmendontcheat hashtag is trending on Twitter since this past week. The conversation started when Charlamange “The God” announced that June 12 is a day to celebrate monogamy and being faithful to your partner. What started off as a joke turned into conversations approaching a rumored narrative that Black men are the least faithful and willing to commit. Twitter celebrated the day with an out pour of declarations on how Black men have been faithful and with their partner for a series of years.

We have a few tweets that highlight some of the conversations happening:

Example 1: Black boys apparently cheat, not men.

Example 2: Only those who have been wronged are upset.

Example 3: Those who forgot Usher’s top charting song, must have amnesia.

The hashtag has generated over hundreds of hilarious memes, tweets, and stories on this conversation. With so many viewpoints and perspectives of this narrative, it’s safe to say that the narrative is changing for Black men.

We even seen some backlash from those who are exclaiming that Black men such as Jay-Z, Kevin Hart, Tristian Thompson, and other celebrity men have cheated on their partners. Which also makes us wonder, if this hashtag was created to bring awareness to those who prefer monogamous love or those who have learned from their ways?

When Jay-Z discusses how he dealt with the cheating allegations and how he tried to mend his relationship, he explains,

“We did the hard work of going to therapy. we love each other, so we really put in the work for years.” ( My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, 2018)

Whether it was Charlamagne’s doing or just the fact we are now open to honest conversation in the world of social, we hope good comes from it. Let’s hope this continues to encourage healthy conversations and long lasting love for those who are in a relationship with these faithful men.

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