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Queen Conversations: Mom Influencer Sarah Fernandez

The family dynamic has changed over the years and so has the media perception of it. With the help of Instagram influencers, more conversations about postpartum depression, diversity, education, and so many topics when it comes to parenting. Influencers all around are taking to Instagram to showcase how they are parenting and incorporating their “fun” family lifestyle on the internet.

One mom that seems to be catching eyes on the gram is Sarah Fernandez. She made an impact on Instagram in 2018 when releasing a “dad vs. mom hair challenge” video featuring their baby girl Suray. The video caught the attention, and thus the family arose to being an Instagram fave. It also brought up a lot of conversation on hair care for multi-racial children and conversations about showcasing your family on the internet. We had the pleasure to interview the queen of the House of Blasian family and learn more about who she is as a mom outside of social media.

Your daughter will grow up with two cultures in her household, what advice will you give her when embracing her multi-cultural identity?

Each culture has its traditions, beliefs, and meaning. In our household, we would want Suray (my daughter) to embrace all of these things. We are two humans from totally different backgrounds and went half on creating a beautiful little Goddess. She will get to experience all of the beauty of our different cultures and represent it with pride and confidence! To me, that’s dope.

You share very intimate moments of your family on your Instagram which has grown your fan base. How do you feel about sharing your family dynamic on Instagram?

I love seeing other families doing their thing on Instagram! It’s refreshing to see. It helps bring more positivity, motivation, and happiness to not only social media but in households.

Now, your clapback is strong, what has allowed you to really tackle some of the haters in your comments?

I want to thank our supporters for having our backs even though they don’t have to! Our supporters know that we try to promote positivity, love, and fun on our socials. So whenever a hater comes crawling in trying to assume this or that, they shut them down real quick! As for me, when I do respond sometimes, I keep my responses classy and humble. Then, I move along.

“Memes get old, trends get old, fake bodies get old, but family lasts forever.” – Sarah Fernandez

 What are some things you have noticed about being a new mom and being a mom of color?

What I’ve noticed is that I learned to have more patience. I love and appreciate life so much more. I feel I am still learning every day As a mom of color; I’m responsible for teaching my daughter (and future kids) morals, culture, and pride for them to conquer and walk around with confidence.

Products are important to any hair type, what are you looking for in products for your hair and your daughters hair?

Well for me, I love products that give me lots of volumes. I love volumized hair! Also, I prefer products that provide my hair shine and not oily. Products that I love for Suray (my daughter) are the natural ones that can make her curls POPPIN’ and her hair SLICK when I do an up-do. We can’t forget the baby hairs either! Since Suray’s hair is getting longer and thicker, it looks like we might have to shop for different natural products soon. The baby products are starting to be a little too “light” on her hair.

What is your fave thing about your family?

Oh man, I feel like I can write a book longer than the Harry Potter series to tell you every single favorite thing about my family (haha)! But what I can say is that they are the loves of my life. They honestly give me the most REAL happiness. I thought I was happy before. But ever since we started a family, this feeling I have now doesn’t even compare to how I felt back then. I thank God every day for them, and I must say, I am very very VERY blessed.

On Instagram and off, Sarah, is a strong queen. The love she shares for her family is truly encouraging and provides more of a positive message for families who are coming together from different backgrounds. We hope this interview was encouraging for you and to see more “House of Blasian” content, follow them on Instagram.

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