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Queen Conversations with Social Media Influencer & Podcaster, Carolina Reyna

The year is 2019, and we have officially started to acknowledge that women are running things no matter who they are. They are taking the main roles and opening up dialogue that everyone used to coin as “un-ladylike.” From television to fashion, women are speaking out about sex, drama, standards, and embracing their true selves on all platforms.

We would like to think that influencers are helping to lead the “un-ladylike” movement. Influencers like Carolina Reyna. Carolina is a 20-something ambitious, raw, and powerful woman. She started capturing eyes and follows when she made sure the world saw how beautiful her body was on Instagram. She launched herself in the world of fashion & beauty influencing for plus sized women. Taking the world by storm and relocating from sunny Miami to the concrete jungle (NYC).

With the mindset to perfect her craft in media. Which led her to steady social media growth, a career in social media, and launching her own podcast, Called In Thick. Which is dedicated to Plus Size women who are embracing who they are unapologetically. We had a chance to speak with her about her career and she even spilled some key secrets.


What were some of the challenges you first experienced when stepping into modeling?

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a model but more of a personality and influencer. I have to thank Instagram 100% for helping me land my first modeling job which then helped me gain more followers and then led to more modeling. I put in the work when I was on set and people noticed. I heard no more than I heard yes. It f*cking sucked to put it lightly but I got over it.

The world is creating more acceptance and body positive campaigns, what are your thoughts on this & do you think it’s a fad or here to stay?

I think the “body posi” campaign is cool but I don’t really care too much about it. I think some brands will never accept it and some are exploiting it. I hope it grows into something where more visibly plus women are accepted in the media.


You recently launched a podcast and discuss topics that most women shy away from, what made you go forward with this?

“Called In Thick” is my baby. I’ve always wanted to be a radio or talk show host. I’ve decided the best way to tackle that idea was through a podcast. I’m not shy online or in real life. I thought my day-to-day thoughts and conversations would make for good content. I love talking about sex and fat girl struggles.

Your fans send you the best stories from throwing up on Trump supporters to who’s paying to the first date. What has been your favorite story to date?

Ugh, this is a tough one. I receive so many stories and sometimes it’s hard for me to keep track. My favorite story so far has been the one of my listeners explained how a sex position ended with him in the emergency room on Halloween night. He was messing around with his current girlfriend, and then he noticed that he was swollen after. Which led him to the hospital and having his genitals poked with a needle. It was tragic really.


You deem your podcast as sex friendly and share some great tips, what is your best piece of advice for ladies to embrace their sexuality?

 My advice for women and basically anyone who is sexually active is to communicate. Explain what it is that you want. Show your partner how to do things. If they aren’t down then get yourself a new partner, period. Also to all vagina owners do not have sex with someone who won’t eat you out first. Muy importante. If you don’t feel like having sex learn how to please yourself however that may be.

 What was the process like for building this podcast & concept?

Exactly ONE year ago one of my followers DM me saying “you called In thick today.” Due to a booty pic I posted on the gram on vacation! And

then later that night I had an idea about how there aren’t any visibly fat women in media talking sh*t. Who better to do that than me? Deciding what to cover came really naturally I didn’t really put too much thought into it. My first episode was complete word vomit and it was successful. Sex has always been something I’m very open about talking about as well as dating. I wanted to keep it as real as I could with my supporters. A lot of people message me saying I inspire them to step out of their comfort zone and that makes me feel so f*cking good.


Photo by @kessae

What is the number one rule of sex to Carolina Reyna?

Don’t have sex with anyone who won’t hangout with you outside the bedroom. If he/she is not taking you out, introducing you to friends, or just not treating you right then do not have sex with them. You’re gonna feel like sh*t in the end. Trust me. Unless you’re 100% down to being a FWB (friends with benefits) then that a whole different story.

Men love to have sex with fat women in private and sh*t on them in public. So, just keep that in mind. If you feel any type of bad energy or see any red flags LEAVE because he’s hiding something, period.

Also, one very important rule, do whatever you want. Keep it safe but don’t let anyone shame you for doing what you like.

For more hilarious stories and tips to embrace yourself unapologetically, subscribed to “Called in Thick.” It’s available on all streaming platforms and for more outfit inspiration pics, follow @carolinareyna_ on Instagram.

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