Why Fake Feuds Are Negative to the POC Community

What is it with women always creating a false competition with one another? A tale as old as time, we have been fighting with each other over a false narrative for men, jobs, or just social status. Now, everything in life is a competition, and the world is a dog eat dog world, but come on now. Why is it that every time one queen is on the rise, we bash her and pin her against another queen. I have seen so many cases where two badass women of color are caught in the chaos, and I want to be the first to say, I am not here for it anymore.

There have been some examples of two women of color being pinned against each other through the media. One video claimed that Beyonce (Queen Bey) ripped off Jlo’s style 22 times. Throughout the video, it compares how Beyonce ripped off the fly girl’s style. Which is a load of baloney and just stressful to watch! It creates a more significant gap between Latinas and Black women that we are always trying to bite off each other. When we both carry the same amount of flavor and spice to our everyday lives.
But it isn’t just Black Girls versus Latinas. It can even be Black women versus Black women as well. The media loves making Black women feel like there is only one who can be at the top. We also don’t help by choosing sides. Beyonce isn’t the only victim in this. Models Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell have been going back and forth in an almost ten-year feud before they finally cleared the air. Tyra spoke to Naomi on her show and asked her why she didn’t care for her? The interview blew up, and nothing was solved. But, it was one thing that happened in that interview, they both were going off what people in higher positions told them.

Which again makes me question, why do we allow ourselves to pick sides when it comes to these “feuds?” I can say easily I LOVE  Beyonce as much as I love Jennifer Lopez. I love Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. I love it all, and with more women out here breaking the color barriers, it’s about time. We have been waiting over 100+ years for color TV to see some color finally. I am happy and here for all of it (except Love & Hip Hop). I think it’s time we stop creating these feuds and say “Wow sis, you are killing it!” At the end of the day, that division doesn’t bring us more growth. It doesn’t create more opportunities. Unity creates more opportunities, businesses, growth, and lifelong bonds. This is what we should be pushing into the media. This is the actual image we want to see for our queens.

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