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Queen Conversations: Poetry & More with Dor to My Soul

The world is moving towards literature once more and poetry is the main genre that is most requested. New poets are making the best sellers list and influencing a younger generation of readers to be more vulnerable with their emotions. But, what is it like to really be a poet exposing your artistry for the digital world to see? Poet and wordsmith Dor would know about this. Maybe because she has built her IG following from the ground up by live video reads and poetry that exposes her inner emotions. Reminding us that in an age of faking it to be someone great, you are allowed to be human. This queen and woman of color shared a piece of herself with us…

Do you remember your first poem?

 I do, it was about my daughters, how blessed I feel to be chosen by their soul to be their mother. How I wished for them to grow and be their own woman. knowing I love them and will guide them, but not overtake their path.

   It was the first time in many years that I felt that my words connected to my emotions seamlessly


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Now, poetry wasn’t always your first career, so how did you choose poetry?

I always liked singing and writing songs. I used to go on signing local competitions back home, stage, was a home for me, a place I felt comfortable and worthy. It was a place I could face my demons and pretend I am someone else. It is from music and theater that I found the love for literature, poetry and any written word. I do not see myself as a poet, yes, I at times write poetry. But, I just see myself as someone who writes themselves and their journey. I write me, in the form of poetry, spoken word and prose. Whatever comes to mind.


Were you afraid at any point in your life to put out your poetry?

 I never knew I could until I found Instagram and started posted photos with words attached and people started paying attention. Once I found the outlet, I became addicted to express my decayed and repressed feelings in the form of writing. It has been a blessing and a curse

Do you ever feel hesitant to pour out your emotions in your poetry?
 Not at all, I am the most honest and genuine and raw when I write, otherwise, it feels fake to me. I don’t write to appease others. I write for my self-process and healing, and that requires the most honesty and depth that I could find within me.
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You wear many hats from producing, mother, writer, and more, which role is your favorite?
 Motherhood is truly a beautiful and challenging role, it keeps me on my toes and throws so many obstacles, pain, and love, all to extremes. I have never felt before becoming a mother. The reward is just beyond any words I would try to put together to explain it. Production is something I always was part of from a young age, in different roles and it was the reason I moved to the US, accomplishing this as my daily career is a huge part of who I am and the things I want to convey.

 Writing is now a lifeline for me, I breathe, eat, sleep writing my feelings, and it has been a gift to discover this love. I finally feel connected in many ways to whom I am.

  I feel the above three just make me whole and who you see today, and it is a beautiful place to be

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 12.44.54 AM
Was there a significant point in your life that led you to be more open and expressing yourself?
Absolutely, I have had many relationships that were lacking communication and true intimacy, where my emotional intelligence felt neglected, with that and motherhood. It became a need to express my feelings that were repressed for far too long
Lastly, what would you say to other queens who are afraid to embrace their emotions?
 Oh gosh! You are worthy, you are love, you are loved and you should never hide your identity, feelings, and desires. I feel that we have a reason and a purpose in this life that we are gifted with, and it inspires me in my own journey, to do better, do more, give, learn, teach, and I can’t do any of that without connecting. One cannot connect without being vulnerable and open at the same time, show your beauty and embrace it!

Ending Notes: Thank you for everything you do with this space, you empower women to be who they are meant to be and that is an ultimate service that you do for women!

We hope this queen has inspired you and made you take an initiative to looking towards the art of poetry. as expressing any anger, pain, or joy you may have. We are looking forward to her debut book (speaks into existence) and until then follow her on her Instagram at the handle @dortomysoul

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