It’s Time to Believe Women

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Another day seems to go by, and another story goes to press about men abusing their power. We are in a time where new victims are sharing stories about the abuse or manipulation they have received. All I can say is, how are we still not recognizing this issue? Why are we brushing it off as women that are crying for attention? However, there is one brand that is making sure our stories of pain are being heard.

America Hates US co-creator Tareq, and I shared a discussion about his brand this previous week. He shared with me how this brand came to be what is known as America Hates US. Also explaining to me that the popular “Believe Women” tee came into existence in July 2017. This seemed to be perfect because a few months later, actresses started to come forward with stories. Stories circling around Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood executives that have made advances towards them.

Tareq expresses the importance of bringing issues to light and making sure we create conversation around them. His previous experience that assisted this message started in interning at Sanctuary for  Families in New York while he was in his second year of law school. He expressed to me about wanting to create a presence with college students. Ensuring that women on campus feel safe in their environment. There are a significant amount of women who experience their first sexual assault in college.

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My take away from this conversation is how grateful it is for some of our counterparts to understand our daily pain. Every ounce of our conversation taught me that we are not alone as women.  We do have the love and support from our fellow brothers when we choose to speak out about our abuse.

This is a portion of the brand’s message:

“AHUS was not intended to make a passerby feel comfortable. However, our designs do not provide a podium for hate or discrimination either. Instead, we encourage  dialogue, every day, everywhere, about needs that ought to be addressed.”

America Hates US has produced tees that are originally created with the messages saying Believe Women, White Lies Matter, and Under Paid College Graduate. When purchasing a product from America Hates US, you can donate 20% of proceeds to a charity of your choice.

Lastly, on March 9, 2018, the America Hates US brand will be selecting 100 girls from public schools in Brooklyn to view the feature film “A Wrinkle in Time”. This allows these young girls to see a positive representation of women and of themselves in a film directed by Ava Duvernay. You can choose for 50% of your proceeds to go towards this act of service.

As far as purchasing, merchandise is reasonably priced and it is Black-owned which is more of a reason for you to support the brand. Each product has a look that you can wear to brunch or a protest. It evokes a conversation about why and what does this tee mean something to you.

To shop their products please head to America Hates US 

Remember queens, you are not alone when struggling to share your story. We are thankful for Tareq and the America Hates US team for acknowledging the ongoing issues in society.



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