Why Girl Groups Were Real Role Models For Young Women

When you click on the next Youtube video, what do you see? Another product that enhances your boobs? Another diet pill so you can be a size 6? What if this is another advertisement that is going to force you into thinking, “damn, am I ugly?”

Look, we are here to tell you no you are definitely not ugly.  Each one of you is designed in your own popping and beautiful way. Back in the day, there were groups of women that would convey this type of message to young women. They were known as GIRL GROUPS.

Yes, the famous amount of girl groups from the late 80’s to early 2000’s were incredible. They each supported each other like a sisterhood bond and they let their young women fans know they were worthy of so much. We know you are waiting to see some of the ways they brought us life and taught us real womanhood lessons, so here they are…


Reminded Us to See the Bull Sh*t with an Ex

Take the ever famous and beautiful women of En Vogue and their classic My Lovin (You’re Never Gonna Get It)

The song reminds us of a situation we all know far too well. Becoming apart of a relationship and when it becomes toxic, we cut it out. However, the other party sees that they still need to be in our lives. Claiming they have changed and will do better. En Vogue isn’t having that. They were the original “boy bye” and with these lyrics

Now you promise me the moon and stars
Save your breath, you won’t get very far

Gave you many chances to make change
The only thing you changed was love to hate

They did not play when it came to their love. Neither should you when your ex-comes crawling in.


Reminding Yourself Not to Conform to “Beauty Standards”

When lyrics weren’t the method of grabbing attention, girl groups used their music videos. one music video that still hits pretty heavy on self-love is TLC’s Unpretty.

The video goes to these different women who are each mentally dealing with trying to love themselves. From wanting plastic surgery or to be thinner, each character in this video shows a real battle of what women go through. It helped shed light on body issues. Now, we live in a very different time where we go to the doctor to fix everything or just conceal it with makeup. It’s rare to see one of our favorite celebrities without work done to them. Times have changed.


Reminding Us to Stop Allowing Ourselves to be Treated Less Than Our Worth

It’s like Destiny’s Child said, “can you pay my bills?” This song had a misconception that it was about women asking for their bills to be paid. In all actuality, it was about women tired of wasting their money and time with a man that lacks ambition. The message is still relevant and carries into our real adulthood struggles. We may find ourselves stuck in a relationship with a partner who lacks depth when it comes to his/her career goals.



If you were a young woman in the 90’s or early 2000’s era you definitely remember the power of girl groups. They were everywhere and only a few stood out from the rest. Not all of them provided a great message for women. The ones that did, dropped real gems about sexuality, independence, gender roles, self-love, and knowing your damn worth. The music scene has changed for better or worse, but the few groups that led impact are still iconic to this day. So this is my homage to the women who taught me early on how great it is to be a woman.


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