Being Comfortable With Being a Turtle


Yes, you did read that just right. I definitely called myself a turtle. Now, if you are familiar with the story of the most famous race to take place in childhood history. The turtle and the hare were two animals that were set to race each other through the forest. The hare is obviously faster than the turtle, but the turtle still wanted to challenge him. Okay, jumping ahead, the hare bragged all around town and instead of focusing on the race, he let his ego get to him. The tortoise won the race because he was focused and he knew what he wanted.

Now, that brings me to my life and why I am sharing this. Currently, I see all of my friends getting engaged, pregnant, job promotions, and other great blessings. At first, I was so bothered cause I felt like my life was at a standstill. I would look over to my bae and think, so what’s good? I would look at my job situation and just cry, “when is it my turn?” I had to stop because I only saw negatives. I would have myself going into mental breakdowns once a week because something little triggered all of these negative thoughts.

I’ve learned that misery truly enjoys the company and I know that type of company won’t allow my success. I had to pray and just say to myself, “girl you are golden!” I’ve learned to accept that out of any animal in the world, I identify as a turtle. I am slow with the success race, but I am also focused. I am so focused that sometimes I can’t sleep at night. I remind myself every day, don’t look at the situation but look at the progress.  I am happier and more focused on my site, my career path, and other opportunities heading my way. Being comfortable with the universe’s timing is a big adjustment for me. My breakdowns now happen less frequently. Self-doubt no longer enters my heart. You have to be comfortable with accepting that your journey will take time.

I am learning from those prior mistakes. I am learning that I was fired for a reason from that one job. I am learning that maybe I’m not ready for marriage quite yet. I am learning what I love and what I hate. I am learning to accept the slow growth because that means it happened organically and it was meant to be. Look at the blessings and say to yourself, “It’s okay to be a turtle.”

As we slowly approach the end of this year, remember to relax queens. Keep grinding towards your dreams. It’s okay to be a turtle in the world of hares. Keep focused.

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