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Tips for Surviving the Meeting of the Family

Dating is already hard enough in this era of social media. I mean you need to post a popping selfie to grab his attention. You have to do tummy flat teas when you are close to bloat season. You have to keep up with all of these existential standards of beauty. Who am I kidding? Please don’t do any of this! But, dating and meeting the family for the first time is a bummer all on its own. So here are some different tips to help you navigate through these awkward first dinners.

The Introduction


Please, don’t come off as that weird girlfriend soon as you step into the house. Save all your negative traits for years to come in this relationship. Don’t cave under pressure to seem perfect to the family either. Laugh at their jokes and just answer any questions on a positive note. That’s the best way to avoid the whole awkward stares and whispers about you.


“Do You See Yourself Marrying my Son/Daughter?”


This question is so forward but a mother wants to know if you are here for the long run. Now, if you two are a new couple take the subtle approach and say something like “Well, I am happy to see what the future brings us.” That way you’re not screaming, YES! You’re also not screaming, “I don’t believe in marriage or any form of union.”


“So Where is Your Family From?”


Now if you are racially ambiguous or you’re in a relationship with someone culturally different than you, this question is expected. You swallow it and you answer without explaining your 20 percent German, 60 percent Japenese, and 20 percent whatever else. Answer it the most effective way as possible. Then if they choose to question it ( they 90 percent of the time will) answer the questions politely. It’s just one of the perks of being a little different.


Don’t Brag About Yourself


You’re in Law school or you have 20k on Instagram, don’t brag about it.  Stay as humble as you can. It is a huge turn off to family members when you just talk about yourself the entire time. If they ask about your career, speak about it but keep it simple. Remember this is your first time meeting them. Relax and enjoy the vibe!

Overall, family environment and dating is a test of your relationship. Meeting them for the holidays is a big step and a sign that your significant other takes you serious. Remember through all of the stress and awkward moments, that they choose you to share this with. That is all that matters.


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