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Dear Queens, Stop Begging to be Valued

It’s Tuesday afternoon and you noticed your boss didn’t provide feedback on your amazing presentation. You will go through the whole day doubting the amazing job you have done.

That’s the thing about waiting to be valued. It ruins your own self-value. It brings you to this mind state that if this person didn’t notice or appreciate me or my worth. You start to ponder on the thought of “maybe I wasn’t good enough.”

It makes you question why are you friends with those who only call upon you when it’s convenient to them. It makes you question why are you in a relationship where your partner takes you for granted. It makes you question why am I working or interning at a company who sees very little in my potential.

This could be a form of settling. Settling and always allowing people to make you feel less than. We do it from time to time but I think it’s time to break that habit. We can’t achieve real growth if we are begging someone to be our friend, giving us a job, loving us, or just appreciating who the hell we are. The begging has got to stop!

It has taken me a whole year of living in New York to realize it. I haven’t found my tribe but I was trying to Immerse myself in groups that clearly weren’t for me. Immerse me in a terrible company that didn’t want me, just my ideas. Immerse me in an internship that didn’t appreciate my ideas or my skill set.  It just clicked right there for me to let it go.

Those who do not see my value, my skillset, my unconditional friendship, or corny jokes as value is loosing. I told myself and remind myself of reoccurring events, I am not for them. I was created perfectly. Take it or leave it, because I won’t continue to beg you to see it.


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