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Who is The Girl Mob: Interview with Yari Blanco

When you first hear the words girl mob, you think of the women from Jersey or that guilty pleasure tv show Mob Wives. What if we told you that it is a collective of dope women who created a brand to empower women of color?  The Girl Mob created a platform that ranges from their site to events celebrating magnificent women. We had the opportunity to interview the editor in chief, Yari Blanco, about who and what it takes to be run The Girl Mob.

The Queen Sessions: In Today’s society, we see the media misrepresenting women of color, how does the GIRL MOB provide an empowering image for these women?

Yari Blanco: That’s part of the reason I created the platform, I wanted to give WOC a place where they can share their stories, through their lense. A lot of our narratives have a common thread and by putting that in one place we can better serve each other.

The Queen Sessions: What would you say separates your brand from the other online publications?

Yari Blanco: Our brand is a direct reflection of the women who support us. We have Latinas/AfroLatinas, Black, Asian, Middle Eastern women who are behind us. So the more we grow the more unity we build among each other.

The Queen Sessions: What are some ways to successfully get your brand noticed?

Yari Blanco:  The marketing person in me says strategy and execution… the entrepreneur in me says, work really hard at making the thing your building look/feel/sound the way you want the world to see it and those who fuck with it will come. It’s a marathon, not a jog.



The Queen Sessions: Did you always know you wanted to create change in the world or was there a moment where you realized you needed to do this?

Yari Blanco: I’ve always loved helping women… but I knew I was meant to build something bigger than myself when I had one of those light switch moments while praying. So this is part of the path God has set for me.

The Queen Sessions:  For young women of color who are struggling to love themselves, what are some words of encouragement for them?

Yari Blanco: I say that you’re not the only one going through it and that all you can do is the work of emotionally cleansing yourself so that you can get to a place of self-acceptance and understanding. Being happy with yourself doesn’t mean you’re overjoyed every day, it means that when you’re not feeling upbeat you can still be kind to your spirit and allow yourself the day (or months) to grow out of the funk.

 For more inspiring articles and daily empowerment make sure to head to & their Instagram @thegirlmob 


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