Why Jhene Aiko’s ‘Trip’ is an​ Album of Self Healing

Jhene Aiko is best known as your F*ck men songstress that gives us all the feels. Her all-time hit “The Worst” captured the raw and vulnerable emotions we tend to feel, after being an emotional wreck. She has since then opened our ears to her songs filled with pain, heartbreak, and self-discovery. So, when she came back with this new album entitled Trip, we were excited to feel her painful experiences all over again.

This album brought us a new type of emotion from her. It strung us onto a story and each song was a chapter of self-healing. When you listen to the first track ‘LSD’, you pick up the tone of how this album will go. Immediately, you can tell this album is a new Jhene and you suddenly become invested in hearing more.

Each song can take you on a trip, even without the drugs she describes. Each song rejoices in ending negative chapters of life, as she falls into and finds inner peace. In a sense, she brings you into a trance while she sings her pain and the acceptance of loving again, once more.

Now, the album could be relating to many chapters in her life from her terrible and public divorce with now ex-husband “Dot Da Genius”. The claims of how she cheated on her ex-husband with Big Sean. It also feels as if she is finding closure with her brother’s, Miyagi, death back in 2012 to an inoperable brain tumor. Again, but each song has a different story.

Jhene Aiko has spiritually brought us an emotional self-healing album and this self-healing process deserves a listen. On your off nights in the cold fall air, put this album on blast and be prepared to go on a trip with this songstress.

To hear the full album follow it on Spotify here:


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