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5 Badass Latinas We Need To Acknowledge

If you grew up in a Hispanic/Latin home then you know all about how our hips move to the beat of the drum, the flavors in our floods and the strength in our blood. “Latinas are a perfect mixture of Princess and Warrior”

We are a culture of mixed cultures. We are all so different, yet so very the same. There is fire in our hearts and love in our minds.

So many Latin women have paved and continue to pave the way for not only Latinas but women everywhere, to make their mark. If you’re needing some inspiration in your life, take a second to learn about some Latinas beyond the Jennifer Lopez & Frida Khalos. Below are five Latinas from all walks of life, to look to, if you are needing some oomph in your womanhood.


Zilia Sanchez-Dominguez

As an abstract artist, she uses acrylic to paint over her self-shaped canvases, which she created in the 50s. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, she was born in the mid-1920s in Cuba, but her work, in my opinion, is very modern but futuristic with minimalistic color palettes. In 2019, she will be showing a solo exhibition in Washington, DC. I hope to find myself in DC in 2019. I need to see her work up close. To view, some of her work click here.


Niurka Marcos 

This is a badass chic right here. She’s a Cuban born actress, singer, dancer & reality star. I was introduced to her fierceness at a young age, while watching her on Spanish soap operas. Her signature long nails and curly blonde hair stands out in any crowd. What I appreciate about her most is how comfortable she appears with herself. She’s sexy and she knows it. She constantly speaking her mind and doesn’t take sh*t from anyone. I’m always #TeamNiurka whenever there’s some petty argument going on in “Rica, Famosa, Latina” a reality tv show. The title literally translates to “Rich, Famous, Latina.” This truly sums up Nuirka: she’s rich, she’s famous & of course she’s Latina, otherwise, we wouldn’t be having this discussion!


Irma Martinez

This Colombian stylist has been in the game for over 20 years. She’s a fashion force in both The United States and Latin America. She not only styles Latin stars, but she also works with brands on fashion campaigns or bringing fashion into their marketing. She’s in the works of launching Trendy Academy, where aspiring stylist can learn directly from her. For more information check out her site here.

Maria Felix

She was a Mexican film actress during the golden age of Mexican cinema (1933-1964). During her career, she filmed well over 40 films. She was dressed by the likes of Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and other fashion houses. Cartier even launched a collection named after her: La Doña de Cartier, which included not only jewelry but handbags as well. Here is a quote from her in reference to offers from Hollywood:  “They offer me native roles and these roles I’ll play for my country. In foreign countries, I’ll only embody queens.”

Because she often spoke her mind she was labeled arrogant, but as women, we know better now that to be labeled bossy, arrogant, or even divas, is just a way for other to let us know they are intimidated.


Xiara A.

Perhaps you haven’t heard of her, but she’s an up and coming writer & stylish. She’s working on launching a multi-media platform: TheManyRealms. lol. Would this post even be complete if I didn’t mention myself?

Latinas are something so beautiful that’s more than skin deep. The strength in Latin women, while staying poised and pretty is admirable. The beauty that you see and that is tied to Latin women is not something that happens overnight, it has been past down by generations. Being tough, but soft is a part of who we are. Whether in film, art, fashion or any other realms these Latinas have stayed true to who they are.


Xiara A.


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